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7 Cheap Hotels in Lombok Famous for Good, Clean and Comfortable

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Lots of the best hotels at affordable prices are offered for you when traveling to Lombok. From Lombok you can visit some amazing destinations such as the very beautiful Mount Rinjani, breathe fresh air at Senggigi Beach and Trawangan Beach. Not only that, you can also enjoy a variety of culinary specialties from the island of Lombok and hunt for typical Lombok souvenirs such as bags made of bamboo. The following is cheap hotel in Lombok which are famous for being good and you can make choices while on this island:

1. Hotel Bidari/Bidari Hotel

The first good famous hotel that you can choose is the Bidari Hotel or better known as the Bidari Hotel. The address is Jalan Bangau No. 5, Mataram, Lombok, NTB, Indonesia. This budget-priced hotel offers a variety of luxuries that will make you feel like you are in a five-star hotel.
Bidari Hotel offers a number of attractive facilities and fairly good service. There is a receptionist who works 24 hours to help with administrative needs, so you don’t need to hesitate to ask questions because they will be served well and friendly. Furthermore, there are hotel facilities that you can enjoy including free Wi Fi in every guest room, room service that you can get for 24 hours, a parking area, air conditioning in every room and a mini bar.
The best accommodation in Lombok is also close to several recreational areas. So that makes Bidari Hotel very suitable for you to stay when visiting the island of Lombok. The price offered is quite affordable, which is around Rp. 196,000 per night.

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2. Lombok Guest House

Lombok Guest House

The next cheap hotel in Lombok that you can add to your list of the best hotels is Lombok Guest House. Address at Jl. Tourism No. 82, Lombok, NTB, Indonesia. This hotel has a very strategic location, so it is not surprising that many tourists often use this hotel as a place to stay.
For those of you who not only prioritize price but also comfort while resting after a full day of walking, Lombok Guest House is the right place. Because here you will get various services and interesting facilities that can make you feel like you are at home.
There is a receptionist who is active 24 hours and will help you take care of check-in and check-out. You also enjoy free internet access in the room, so you don’t have to be afraid of breaking up with relatives who are far away. You will also get room service for 24 hours, so that the cleanliness of your room will always be maintained. In addition, the rooms at this inn are also equipped with good facilities.
The most interesting thing about Lombok Guest House is the availability of a terrace with a beautiful garden in front of it. So you can relax while enjoying the beautiful garden view. Plus sharing stories with loved ones, this will be fun to do.

3. Giri Hotel

Giri Hotel

Giri Hotel is located at Jalan Catur Warga No. 29, Lombok, Indonesia. This is the best recommended hotel for those of you who are in Lombok and are confused about finding accommodation. Because the advantages of this guesthouse have been proven by the number of visitors and it is always crowded.
Giri Hotel is famous for its price which is quite social. Despite having an affordable price, the service and quality of the hotel is maintained. You can enjoy various facilities ranging from internet access in every room, a large parking area, a meeting room with very interesting equipment, a laundry service that makes it easy for you, and the availability of a coffee shop for those of you who love coffee. You can also choose a room according to your tastes and desires, of course it has been equipped with comfortable and quiet room facilities.
Relaxing in the hotel garden is the right step for you to take after a tiring adventurous activity. You can enjoy the beauty of the garden while sipping a cup of coffee. The price of the stay is quite cheap starting from Rp. 180,000 per night.

4. Minabi Guest House

Minabi Guest House

The next cheap hotel in Lombok is Minabi Guest House which is located on Jalan Sadewa No. 22, Lombok, Indonesia. This inn has a very strategic location close to public accommodation and tourist attractions. So do not be surprised if this hotel is always crowded with tourists.
In addition, Minabi Guest House also offers various facilities that are quite satisfying for you to enjoy. Starting from free wi fi in every room, so you will easily connect with family at home. The receptionist works 24 hours who will help take care of your administration. A restaurant with a variety of local culinary specialties that you can taste while enjoying the beauty of Lombok. As well as transportation services that will drop off and pick you up.
The price of the stay is also very affordable, which is around Rp. 185,000 per night. With a variety of facilities and excellent service that you will get from Minabi Guest House plus the friendliness of every hotel staff, you will feel like you are at home. Then this hotel is the ideal accommodation for you.

5. Palapa Hotel

Palapa Hotel

Next is the Palapa Hotel which is located on Jalan Palapa I No. 16 B, Lombok, Indonesia. This hotel is also one of the best in Lombok that you can use as a place to stay. You will have an unforgettable stay.
Various facilities ranging from a large parking area, wi fi access in every room, a receptionist who works 24 hours, shuttle service to the airport and a laundry service that will make it easier for you to deal with dirty clothes. In addition, each room of this hotel has air conditioning, a writing desk, and room service. All of this certainly makes this hotel worthy for you to stay while in Lombok.

6. Lombok Tourism Hotels

Lombok Tourism Hotels

Located on Jalan Koperasi No. 19, Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia. This hotel offers a variety of interesting facilities that you can enjoy. With excellent service and the friendly attitude of the workers, this cheap hotel in Lombok deserves to be included in the list of lodgings that you must visit.
Every accommodation from this hotel has been equipped with various facilities that can make it easier for you while you are here. Hotel Wisata Lombok provides recreational facilities such as massage and a garden to make you more relaxed and comfortable. So do not be surprised if this affordable hotel is always crowded with visitors.

7. Hotel Cakrajaya

cheap nearby hotel

Finally, there is the Cakrajaya Hotel which is located on Jalan. Weaving No. 1 Cakrajaya, Lombok, Indonesia. This economical price hotel offers a variety of attractive facilities and excellent service so that you will have an unforgettable stay experience. There are about 30 rooms with a calm and harmonious atmosphere that you can find here.
Conveniences such as air conditioning, parking area, Wi Fi, and the friendly attitude of the hotel staff make this inn like home. Then Hotel Cakrajaya is the right choice for you while in Lombok. The price is quite cheap which is around Rp. 160,000 per night.
Well, that’s 7 cheap hotels in Lombok that are famous for being good with the best service. You can visit if you are in Lombok. Make your vacation more enjoyable by choosing the right hotel.

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