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7 Causes of Breast Tumors, Women Must Know!

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Must be more vigilant.

Many people think that breast cancer and breast tumors are the same thing. In fact, tumors do not always lead to cancer, you know! Breast tumors are classified into two categories, namely the malignant category and the mild category. For breast tumors that are classified as mild, they can usually be treated without surgery or can even disappear on their own. And for malignant breast tumors, usually this is the beginning of breast cancer and usually must be handled directly by a specialist.

Well, this time Popbela will discuss the causes of breast tumors that all women must know to make it easier to do prevention. What are the causes of breast tumors, just take a look at the reviews!

1. Genetics

Some studies say that the most common cause of breast tumors is due to genetic factors. The cause of this one is unavoidable because of course tumor cells can still appear if one of the parents also has it.

2. Hormones

In addition to genetics, the cause of breast tumors that are still often encountered is due to hormonal instability in the body. Some people who experience an increase in the hormone estrogen can trigger the growth of tumors in the breast. In addition, someone who does hormone therapy can also be one of the triggers.

It turns out, these 7 things are the cause of breast

3. Taking too many birth control pills

Birth control pills do have benefits that are indispensable for some women who want to delay pregnancy. However, it is very important to know that if the birth control pill is taken in excess, it can cause several side effects that can harm women, one of which is the cause of breast tumors. Eits, that doesn’t mean you can’t take it, it’s just that you need to control the dose.

4. Too often stay up late

For those of you who often stay up late because of several things, such as being chased by a lot of work, difficulty sleeping, or due to consuming a lot of caffeinated drinks, then you need to be careful. Because when the sleep you have is not enough for your body, then it can be the cause of breast tumors. Staying up late also causes hormones to become unstable and triggers the growth of tumors in the breast area.

It turns out, these 7 things are the cause of breast

5. Types of food consumed

Eating has become one of the basic needs of every human being, but that does not mean that all types of food can be consumed. Also pay attention to the food you want to eat. Avoid foods that contain trans fats such as fatty foods, sweet foods, types of coconut milk, and oily foods which are considered as one of the causes of breast tumors.

6. Overweight

Generally, women who are overweight tend to be prone to breast tumors. This is because excessive body fat can make the hormones in the body less stable and trigger the growth of cancer in the breast. For this reason, it is very important to maintain weight by increasing the consumption of healthy foods and doing regular exercise to avoid this cause of breast tumors.

It turns out, these 7 things are the cause of breast

7. Menopause

The causes of breast tumors can also be caused by factors such as: menopause you know! Many doctors say that a woman who is heading for menopause, there will also be an increase in tumors in the breast area due to unstable hormones.

Well, that’s the seventh cause of breast tumors from the many other causes that trigger it. As a way to avoid it, you should pay attention to some of the things above that you can avoid, Bela!

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