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60 Cheap Lodging in Bandung City

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In Parahyangan City, almost every corner stands a city park, from Super Hero Park to Elderly Park. The city led by Ridwan Kamil is always improving itself to always be better. Almost every month a new park is built in Bandung, the newest one is Cikapayang DAGO Park. (Also read: Cultural Tourism in Bandung)

The Best and Cheapest Lodging Places in Bandung

Cheap lodging in Bandung with so many tourist attractions in Bandung is certainly not enough for a day to explore it. Maybe you need at least one week to surround each tourist attraction in Bandung. You need lodging for a place to rest at night after an adventure in the city of Bandung. So that it doesn’t drain your pocket too much and your funds can be allocated for souvenir shopping, for example, you need lodging at low prices. Here are some cheap lodgings in the city of Bandung:

1. Chez Bon Hostel

This hostel is owned by Bondan Winarno, a pioneer in culinary tourism with his famous jargon, Mak Nyussss!!. This inn which has a black and white concept sets a cheap price for its visitors, which is Rp. 120,000. This one-star hostel has indeed adapted the chessboard motif, black and white, as follows:

  • Chez Bon Hostel is located above Coffee Kopi Oey. The location is also very strategic, close to Pasar Baru and Jalan Braga. (Also read: Lebaran Tourist Places in Bandung)
  • Jalan Braga itself is one of the landmarks of the city of Bandung with the appeal of European nuances on each side of the road.
  • Jalan Braga is one of the reasons the city of Bandung is nicknamed Paris Van Java. (Also read: Bandung Prewedding Place)

This hostel adheres to the concept sharing room which is perfect for backpacker or solo traveler. In one room there are several beds (bunk bed) to be occupied by several people at once. Chez Bon Hostel has 3 floors. The 1st floor is used for parking vehicles (bikes/motorcycles). The Second Floor is reserved for women and hostel receptionists. The 3rd floor is a men’s room. In rooftop there is a prayer room and a place to prepare breakfast (kitchen) as well as a place for ironing. Every bed (each visitor) is provided with 1 reading light and 1 socket, making it very easy for those who bring it gadgets. (Also read: Photo Spots in Bandung)

Here are some of the facilities that Chez Bon Hostel has:

  • air conditioning
  • Hot water
  • Locker for each bed (per person)
  • Wifi
  • Breakfast
  • Laundry
  • Cable TV in the lobby
  • Kitchen and rooftop dining hall

2. Dago Inn Bandung

Dago Inn Bandung lodging in Bandung

This inn, which is located on the main road in Bandung, is reserved for female visitors only. From the very beginning the inn was built, the caretaker had planned to accept only female guests. So this inn is suitable for girlsbackpacker or solo travel, The following is a description of this accommodation:

  • However, if you do have a male member in your group, you can negotiate it with the innkeeper.
  • Usually, men are allowed to stay overnight but must be accompanied by their families and cannot come alone.
  • If the number of your group is quite large and there are men in it, the innkeeper usually suggests renting the entire house at once.
  • However, it must be rented in advance so that it can adjust the schedule and not clash with other visitors. (Also read: Maribaya Tourism)

Dago Inn is located on Jalan Dago. If you have trouble finding the location, from McD Pasar Simpang Dago you can take the angkot KalapaDago or Riung Dago to the top. Arriving at the Dago terminal, look for a small alley located between the stalls around the terminal. The inn manager sets a tariff of around Rp. 100,000 for each visitor. The inn manager can be contacted with a fast and friendly response. Dago Inn Bandung has 6 rooms with 3 floors, so 2 rooms per floor. To rent a room, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance to avoid full rooms. (Also read: Ciwidey White Crater)

Here are some of the facilities that Dago Inn Bandung has:

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3. Unique Guest House

Unique Guest House lodging in BandungThe owner of two guest houses which are located close together, namely Unique Guest House 1 Pasar Baru and Unique Guest House 2 Sudirman. Unique Guest House 1 Pasar Baru is located at Jalan Ence Ajis No. 34 Bandung City. While Unique Guest House 2 Sudirman is located at Jalan Ence Ajiz Rear No. 53 Bandung City. (Also read: Waterfall Tourist Places in Bandung)

This Guest House has been operating since 2013. The location is very close to several attractions in Bandung such as the Great Mosque, Pasar Baru Trade Center and Bandung City Hall Park. Both guest houses are 15 minutes from Bandung Train Station or 30 minutes from Husein Sastranegara Airport. (Also read: Honeymoon Tourist Places in Bandung)

Each room has a bed, a small table, a fan and a mirror. If you want a lower rate, you can choose a room with shared bathroom, meaning the bathroom is outside with the room you have booked. If you want more facilities at a higher price, of course, you can choose a superior room type or a deluxe room. Facilities include a 21-inch flat-screen TV, air conditioning and an private bathroom. (Also read: Tourist Attractions in Dago Pakar)

Here are some of the facilities owned by Unique Guest House:

  • Family room
  • Tour packages
  • Transfer from the airport
  • free wifi
  • Smoking room
  • Free parking
  • Kitchen

4. Garden Hostel Bandung

Garden Hostel Bandung lodging in Bandung

This inn is suitable for those of you who intend to travel to Bandung with a group. Garden Hostel Bandung has a concept like a dormitory with several neat and clean facilities. This hostel is filled with flowers like orchids and trees like rambutan trees. From the page you will immediately feel comfortable and beautiful. (Also read: Tourist Places in Bandung Cartil)

This inn is strategically located, namely in the Dago area. On Jalan Dago, there are 24-hour public transportation, namely the Kalapa-Dago angkot. If you take the angkot you can get off at the side of the road and walk 50 meters until you reach the front office of Garden Hostel Bandung. This hostel each room is filled by bunk beds or bunk beds. Each visitor has private locker facilities, WIFI internet access, bathroom with hot / cold shower, TV and DVD player. Here are some other facilities that Garden Hostel Bandung has:

5. Dago Guest House

Dago Guest House lodging in Bandung

This guest house is located in the Kampung Padi Dago area. This inn is still a complex with the West Java Province Cultural Park (Dago Tea House). From this inn, visitors can enjoy easy access to all tourist destinations in the city of Bandung. (Also read: Tourist Attractions in Ciwidey)

The inn building is simple but looks neat and clean. Because of its location which is higher in Bandung City, from this guest house you will get a wide view. The atmosphere around the location is calm, comfortable, and the air is also cool because there are many large trees. Near the accommodation there is the Unpad campus for the Faculty of Psychology / FISIP and master’s programs. (Also read: Tourist Attractions in Lembang)

This guest house has 5 rooms with 3 types: standard (outdoor bathroom), superior (inside bathroom), and apartment (3 bed room). This type of apartment is equipped with a family room, kitchen, and balcony with a view of the city of Bandung. The distance from the inn to the center of Bandung is about 10 km. This two-story inn has 4 rooms. Each room has the same facilities, namely, double bed, wardrobe, mirror, LED TV and bathroom with hot and cold shower. The owner of the inn fixes the rental price from Rp. 175,000 – Rp. 300,000. (Also read: Tourist Places in Indonesia)

The following are some of the facilities owned by Dago Guest House:

  • free wifi
  • Transfer to airport
  • Car park
  • Tour packages
  • Family room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen

6. Tomato Castle

  Puri Tomato, lodging in Bandung

Puri Tomat is located in North Bandung or commonly called the Dago area, has a cool and comfortable air. The surrounding scenery is also beautiful. Some attractions close to the accommodation are Dago Fatory Outlet, Dago Pakar and Dago Tea House. (Also read: Tourist Places in West Java)

This cheap inn in Bandung has 34 rooms. The owner of the inn starts the rental price from Rp. 198.000 – Rp. 290,000 per night for weekdays. For weekends, rental prices start from Rp. 230,000-Rp. 340,000 per night. Here are some of the facilities owned by Puri Tomato:

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7. Hotel Puri Gardenia

Hotel Puri Gardenia lodging in Bandung

This hotel is located near Gedung Sate Bandung. Gedung Sate itself is a historic building that has an important role and is a symbol of West Java. This hotel is not in the Dago area, but access to Jalan Dago is very close. The hotel is also close to Gasibu Field, a venue for performing arts and entertainment in the city of Bandung. (Also read: Cikaso Waterfall)

The atmosphere of the hotel is comfortable, the hotel yard is also kept clean and green. The rental price for this hotel is around Rp. 120,000 to Rp. 475,000. Here are some of the facilities that Hotel Puri Gardenia has:

  • AC & TV.
  • Phone.
  • Bathroom (hot & cold water).
  • Room Service 24 hours.
  • Parking lot.
  • Laundry.
  • Coffee Shop.
  • Taxi Service.
  • Meeting Rooms. (read also: Pangandaran Beach)

8. Araya Hois Homestay

Araya Hois Homestay where to stay in Bandung

Araya Huis Homestay is located in the center of Bandung City, so it is ideal for staying overnight. It is located 0.65 Km from Bandung Train Station and 0.33 Km from Kebon Jati Hospital. This homestay can be reached in 15 minutes from Husein Sasatranegara Airport. From the homestay guests can visit Paskal Hyper Square, Kings Shopping Center 2 and Braga City Walk. (Also read: Shopping Center in Bandung)

This inn is a one-star hotel. Araya Huis Homestay has 10 bedrooms with 2 types of rooms:

  1. Standard Fan Sharing Bathroom

The rental price is around Rp. 80,000 per night for one person without breakfast. Each room contains one bed, fan and chair. (Also read: Prewedding Place in Bogor)

  1. Deluxe Fan Sharing Bathroom

The rental price is around Rp. 120,000 per night for two without breakfast. Each room contains one bed double bed, fan and chair. (Also read: Photo Spot in Bogor)

And there are many more cheap lodging places in Bandung that you can visit as follows:

  1. Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House.
  2. Palagan Joglo Boutique Guest House.
  3. Villa 78 Dago.
  4. Ebo’s house.
  5. Magnolia Bed & Breakfast.
  6. Rose Chamber Bed & Breakfast.
  7. Kiboku Bed & Breakfast House.
  8. Rose Hotel.
  9. Trans Bolster Pillow.
  10. Gado Gadu Guest House.
  11. Saidah Guest House.
  12. Pillow Bolster Alun-alun Bandung.
  13. Junjunan in Sharia Homestay.
  14. De Orange Pasteur Guest House.
  15. De Sun Pasteur Guest House.
  16. New Market Bolster Pillow.
  17. Cibogo 55 Hotels.
  18. Dago’s Hill Hotel, Business & Leisure.
  19. Cassadua Hotel Pasteur.
  20. Caryota Hotel.
  21. Wirton Dago Hotel.
  22. Setiabudi homestay.
  23. Wisma Gasibu Syariah.
  24. Wisma Joglo Hotel Bandung.
  25. Pinisi Hostel.
  26. ZZZ Express Backpackers Hostel.
  27. PPTN Guest House.
  28. My Family Guest House.
  29. Bandung Inn House.
  30. Mulyasari Guest House Syariah.
  31. Venice Guest House Bandung.
  32. New by Moritz Guest House.
  33. Naraya House.
  34. Bumi Hegar Guest House.
  35. Pondok Panorama Lembang.
  36. Continental Hotels.
  37. Wisma Bukit Juanda.
  38. Kanira Hotel.
  39. Rinjani Hotel.
  40. Hotel Le Provence Gegerkalong.
  41. Hotel Pilatos Gegerkalong.
  42. gift hotel.
  43. cimahi hotel.
  44. Mary’s Guest House.
  45. Hotel Sanira.
  46. Hotel Graha Sartika.
  47. Beautiful Bali Hotels.
  48. Cemara Asri Lodging.
  49. Hotel Giri Elok Setiabudi.
  50. Hotel Lebak Mount Permai Setiabudi.
  51. Linga Guest House Jayagiri.
  52. Augusta Valley Hotel.

The above lodgings are several lodgings in the city of Bandung at affordable prices. Hopefully this information can help your tourist visit in Bandung.

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