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60 Best and Most Unique North Bandung Tourist Attractions

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Have you been to Bandung City? Did you know that in Bandung there are so many tourist attractions that can be an option to spend your weekend? So here we will discuss about tourist attractions in North Bandung. Hopefully the following information about 60 North Bandung tourist attractions will be of benefit to you all. (Also read: Cheap tours in Bandung)

1. Curug Cimahi

This Cimahi waterfall tour is one of the tourist attractions in North Bandung that you lovers of nature tourism should not miss. This tourist spot is in the form of a waterfall or waterfall that is found in the flow of Kali Cimahi. This tourist spot is located in Cisarua Bandung. More precisely in the city of Cimahi, about 10 km north of Bandung, and has several other unique features as follows:

  • This Cimahi waterfall tour is classified as a fairly high waterfall with beautiful views. Measurable Curug Cimahi has a height of 87 m.
  • You can imagine how high the waterfall is. In addition to the waterfall, on the right and left of your location you will be spoiled by a very beautiful green view.
  • Every now and then you will find monkeys swinging from one branch to another. (Also read: Eid tourist attractions in Bandung)

Curug Cimahi is also known as the Rainbow Waterfall. This is because the manager of this waterfall puts colorful lights behind the waterfall so that when it gets dark, the waterfall looks like it emits beautiful rainbow colors. If you want to visit this tourist spot, you can come to visit at 08.00 to 17.00. (Also read: Tourist attractions with beautiful views in Bandung)

2. Dago Waterfall

Dago WaterfallThe second tourist spot in the North Bandung area is Curug Dago. This tourist spot is located about 8 km north of downtown Bandung. More precisely in the area of ​​Jalan Juanda, Dago. Not many people know about the existence of this tourist spot because of the lack of promotion and public awareness to preserve this tourist spot, and there are some interesting reviews of this place as follows:

  • To reach this tourist spot, you can do it on foot while enjoying the atmosphere of the city of Bandung. (Also read: Photo spots in Bandung)
  • Or maybe you can get there by riding a two-wheeled mode of transportation. The actual North Bandung tourist spot apart from being a natural tourist spot, Curug Dago also has historical value because there are two stone inscriptions from the Thai royal era.
  • About 100 m from the Curug Dago tourist location you will find a signboard for this tourist spot.
  • But if you visit this place, the signpost already looks dull because it is not well-maintained.
  • However, this tourist spot is still classified as a place that you should visit because it is guaranteed that you will get a sensation of natural freshness at Curug Dago which drains water into the Cikapundung River. (Also read: Tourist attractions in Bandung)

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3. Maribaya Waterfall

maribaya waterfallThe next Maribaya tourist spot is Maribaya Waterfall. This tourist location is located about 15 km north of the city center of Bandung. You can get there by taking directions to Lembang. After you travel about 5 km, you will find the Maribaya Bridge. Well, tourist locations are in sight. You can buy an entrance ticket there, and there are several facilities that you can have as follows:

  • Still the same as the previous tourist attractions, we are still playing with waterfalls. For those of you who are nature lovers, you will certainly enjoy nature-style travel.
  • So, to reach this place, you can choose to do the tracking with the route through the Djuanda Forest Park.
  • During the trip you will meet Dutch and Japanese caves. There are nuances of history and culture, right? (Also read: Tourist attractions in West Java)

To be able to enter and enjoy the refreshing nature of Maribaya Waterfall, you only need to pay an entrance ticket, which is as expensive as Rp. 10,000 for adults. Then in this tourist location there is also a bathing location. You will be charged an additional fee which is not too high. Only about half of the price of admission to this tourist spot. Cheap isn’t it? So in order to feel the freshness of traveling in this place, please visit to spend your weekend. (Also read: Tourist attractions visited by many foreign tourists)

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4. Ciater Hot Springs

Ciater Hot SpringThe next destination is Ciater Hot Springs. The location of this bath is in the city of Ciater which has very cool air. Of course this is a coveted climate for tourists to spend their relaxing time while releasing the fatigue on the weekend. (Also read: Educational tour in Bandung)

  • Actually, the location of this bath has entered the city of Subang.
  • However, because it is still close to the city of Lembang, people prefer to say that this tourist spot is still included in one of the tourist attractions in the North Bandung area. (Also read: Shopping center in Bandung)
  • Along the tourist attractions of North Bandung on your way to this one tourist location you will be greeted by a stretch of tea gardens.
  • Arriving at the location of the beach you can rest for a while before finally feeling the warm caress of the warm water which will certainly give a sensation of relaxation to all parts of your body.

To reach this tourist spot which is located about 30 km away from the center of Bandung, you need at least 45 minutes of travel time. After about 30 minutes of walking you will enter the city of Ciater. From the city to get to the right location in the Gunung Perahu area, you need at least another 15 minutes of travel time. Enjoy the soothing sensation of an authentic Indonesian hot spring. (Also read: Tourist attractions in Cibodas)

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5. Situ Lembang

Situ LembangThe next tourist spot in the North Bandung area that is no less exciting is Situ Lembang. This tourist location is located in Kertawangi Village, Cisarua District, Lembang. This lake is actually an artificial lake that has existed since the Dutch colonial era. Located at an altitude of 1,567 above sea level, this lake is “squeezed” by two mountains, namely, Mount Tangkuban Perahu and Mount Burangrang, and several other unique features as follows:

  • Situ Lembang is a water reservoir that comes from the Cimahi River and the Cai River from Mount Burangrang.
  • The water there is so clear that the water is also used as a source of drinking water from the local PDAM.
  • In addition, this lake is the largest water reservoir in the Bandung area. (Also read: Tourist attractions in Ciwidey)
  • Because it is flanked by two large mountains, of course this tourist location is very soothing. The location is surrounded by green trees with shady leaves.
  • Coupled with the cool air, of course, you will never miss the sensation of a vacation in this one tourist spot. (Also read: Tourist attractions in Lembang)

6. Juanda Forest Park

Juanda Forest ParkJuanda Forest Park is another tourist spot in the North Bandung area. This forest park is actually a pine forest that has been processed by nature. You can enjoy this enchanting change of nature while you are here, as follows:

  • This park is quite easy to reach. You can use many paths to get to this place. (Also read: Pre-wedding places in Bandung)
  • For example, you can pass through the Dago and Cikutra areas to get to this tourist location.
  • The condition of the access road to this place is also very good where the road to get there is smooth paved. (Also read: Tourist attractions in Cimahi)

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Apart from the south, you can also go from the opposite direction, namely from the north. If you go through this direction, you will be able to see several other tourist attractions around this tourist spot. Some of them are Curug Omas and Patahna Lembang Tourism. In addition, when you go to this location, you will pass the previous tourist location, namely Curug Maribaya Lembang. Make sure you don’t miss out on enjoying one of the natural attractions in North Bandung. (Also read: Honeymoon attractions in Bandung)

7. The Three Craters of Mount Tangkuban Perahu

The Three Craters of Mount Tangkuban PerahuWell, this one tourist spot must be familiar to your ears because this tourist location is related to one of the most famous stories in Java. It is the story of Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi which became the forerunner to the occurrence of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. (Also read: A quiet vacation spot during Eid)

  • At this location there are three very famous craters, namely Upas Crater, Domas Crater, and Ratu Crater.
  • These three craters have close locations so you can visit all three when you come to this tourist spot. Of the three craters, Kawah Ratu is the largest. (Also read: Tourist attractions in Dago Pakar)
  • If you have arrived at this place, don’t forget to pose with your friends in each crater which offers a beautiful natural feel that will surely make anyone jealous of you. (Also read: Tourist attractions close to Kawah Putih)

In addition to these tourist attractions, there are many other tourist attractions in North Bandung. The following list will complete your choice of tourist destinations: (Also read: Cultural tourism in Bandung)

  1. Cimahi waterfall.
  2. Dago Waterfall.
  3. Maribaya Waterfall.
  4. Ciater Hot Springs.
  5. Situ Lembang.
  6. Juanda Forest Park.
  7. Three Craters of Mount Tangkuban Perahu.
  8. Cibolang Hot Water.
  9. Cimanggu Hot Water.
  10. Walini Hot Water.
  11. Cikole Campground.
  12. Ranca Upas Campground.
  13. Bojongmenje Temple.
  14. Maha Panca Bala Temple.
  15. Congo.
  16. Cinulang Waterfall.
  17. Lalay waterfall.
  18. Expert Dago.
  19. Dago Tea House.
  20. Ciburial Tourism Village.
  21. Indonesian Building Sues.
  22. Satay tower.
  23. Dutch Cave.
  24. Japanese Cave.
  25. Elephant Village.
  26. White crater.
  27. Bandung zoo.
  28. Tamansari Art Garden.
  29. Strawberry Garden.
  30. Lembang Grilled Sticky Rice.
  31. Xie Tian Gong Temple.
  32. Bosscha.
  33. Great Mosque of Bandung.
  34. West Java People’s Struggle Monument.
  35. Husein Sastranegara Monument.
  36. Barley Museum.
  37. Bandung Geological Museum.
  38. Museum of the Asian-African Conference.
  39. Indonesian Postal Museum.
  40. Nike Ardila Museum.
  41. Sri Baduga Museum.
  42. Malabar Tea Plantation.
  43. Ranca Bali Tea Plantation.
  44. Bandung Tourism Map.
  45. Cibaduyut Shoes and Bag Center.
  46. Reading Lights.
  47. Inggit Ganarsih’s house.
  48. Situ Patengan.
  49. One Cileunca.
  50. Situ Cipananjung.
  51. Ganesha Park.
  52. Butterfly Garden.
  53. Traffic Park.
  54. Elderly Park.
  55. Cikutra Heroes Cemetery.
  56. Ciwidey White Crater.
  57. Lembang Milk Farmhouse.
  58. Tangkuban Perahu Mountain.
  59. Situ Patenggang.
  60. Moko Hill.

Those are some reviews of natural tourist attractions owned by North Bandung that you can visit as your vacation with your family.

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