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6 Red Flags That Often Happens at Work

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Currently, many companies are implementing the concept of a flexible workplace for their employees. This is because most of the time will be occupied in office work.

Unfortunately, not all offices apply this work culture. Because there are still many companies with a toxic work environment. So, to find out if your office has a toxic environment or not, take a look at the signs red flag in the following workplace, yes.

1. Frequent employee changes

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Frequent employee turnover is a sign that your workplace has an unhealthy environment. High employee turnover can certainly disrupt ongoing projects.

In addition, frequent employee turnover is a sign of red flag which is very clear because the company cannot keep its old employees. This also indicates that there is something wrong with the company, so the employees don’t feel comfortable working there.

2. There are many groups at work

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It is commonplace that in the office there are several groups of friends. This is because most of the time employees are run in the workplace. So that friendship will be established with fellow co-workers in the company.

Although it is commonplace, the large number of groups of people in the office is also a sign red flag at work lol. You see, usually people who form groups tend to ignore other people who are co-workers in the office. So that the existence of this distinguishing group can make other employees isolated and create a negative culture in the office.

3. There is no sense of togetherness

6 Red Flags That Often Happens at Workillustration of a meeting in the office (

With many groups, the sense of togetherness among employees in the office will not be well established. Even worse, there is no sense of togetherness at all.

This of course will make employees at the company feel disconnected because what they are doing is not visible at all. In addition, in the absence of a sense of togetherness when doing joint projects, it will make employees not motivated in doing their jobs. You see, the employee feels not involved as a part that plays an important role in it.

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4. Always ‘stand by’ 24 hours

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red flag The next sign that the environment in which you work is toxic is that you must always stand by 24 hours to take care of the work. By always being available for 24 hours, you will not have time to rest completely because you are being chased by deadlines given by your boss outside of working hours.

Surely you will feel stressed when you have to always be able to respond to calls, emails or texts from superiors outside of your working hours. In fact, you also need to maintain your sanity by doing other activities outside of your job.

5. No one ever takes time off

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Of course you need time to rest while working. One of the rights that you should have when you become an employee in a company is to get vacation and leave.

Now, red flag this one is when your coworkers never take their time off. This of course will also influence you to do the same. In fact, by not taking the allotted leave, you will feel pressured and exhausted.

6. Excessive fear of failure

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Who wants to fail at something? Of course, not everyone expects to fail. Fear of failure is actually a natural thing to happen. However, if the fear of failure is produced in excess, it will make creative ideas stifled.

So, when a company doesn’t let its employees fail, it can be a sign of red flag that the existing work environment tends to be unhealthy. Because the fear of making mistakes prevents employees from doing their best work. Doesn’t the best learning experience come from mistakes made?

A number of red flag at work can be a signal that you need to be aware of when working in an office. Also keep in mind, if there are only one or two signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the environment you work in is toxic.

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