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6 Reasons We Play Video Games and Feel the Need, According to Experts

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we para gamer always looking for games different to fulfill our desires. I don `t know first person shooter, beat-em-up game or role playing games and strangely we do it continuously, looking for it without stopping. What are people really looking for? gamer? What keeps us from repeating the experience of shooting people or looking for coins? Is it inner satisfaction or is there something else?

Article Why We Play Video Games: How Our Desire For Games Shapes Our World have answered that. Based on data from psychologists and sociologists, we can see another point of view from play activities video games the. Regarding the question why we play video gameshere are some of their findings!

1. There is a desire to become more competent

For some, playing games is a way to achieve success. By completing games in the shortest amount of time or find all that is in games In that case, there is a satisfaction with the success achieved. This is an “escape” path from the real world, such as from work or school that doesn’t quite afford the rewards of an outcome.

2. There is a desire to be more independent

6 Reasons We Play Video Games and Feel the Need, According to

In the real world, humans are often unable to do everything they want to do because of societal norms or other constraints. To achieve that often video games be a way out.

By entering video games who have no rules at all, they can do whatever they want without anyone saying, “No.” For that reason, games such as Grand Theft Auto is very popular.

3. There is a desire to connect with other people or other parties (even if it’s a computer/AI)

6 Reasons We Play Video Games and Feel the Need, According to

Have you ever met a friend who has a different way of speaking while playing games and when in the real world? It shows how the world games able to provide communication.

Like social media, games also able to make a person to connect with each other. Interestingly, relationships don’t necessarily require interaction from a real person, but can also be an unreal person.

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4. More efficient than other activities

6 Reasons We Play Video Games and Feel the Need, According to

These desires can actually be channeled through work, school, sports to hobbies. But thanks to the power entertainment from video games, it feels more fun and makes it more addictive. Therefore, some sociologists believe that games is the ideal form of a job.

5. More consistent in giving choices

6 Reasons We Play Video Games and Feel the Need, According to

Are you aware when playing games that provides choices, we feel it is not too heavy in choosing it? In addition to providing more choices than the real world, there are also options that are impossible to get.

In each choice there are also prizes that we can get right away. So why not play video games?

6. Teach a lot of things, both related to self-development and general or special knowledge

6 Reasons We Play Video Games and Feel the Need, According to

Although not very visible, scientists believe video games is a great learning tool. It is capable of embracing fields ranging from society, natural science, to history. An example is games The Assassin’s Creed is always set in a historical story that has happened.

What do you say? Don’t always play video games indicates para gamer is lazy or stupid. They just have their own way of showing their abilities and enjoying life.

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