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6 Pelita Jaya Players Positive for COVID-19

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022 – 09:49 WIB

VIVA – Six players from Pelita Jaya Bakrie Jakarta were exposed to COVID-19 so they could not participate in the second series of the 2022 Indonesian Basketball League (IBL) at C-Tra Arena, Bandung, 29 February-5 February 2022.

Pelita Jaya previously announced that two of its players were infected with COVID-19, namely Fernando Fransco Manangsang and Govinda Julian Saputra.

However, Pelita Jaya through its official Instagram account @pelitajayabasketball, Tuesday, announced that the number of COVID-19 cases affecting Pelita Jaya personnel has now increased to six people.

The four newest people are Muhammad Arighi, Hendrick Xavi Yonga, Vincent Rivaldi Kosasih, and Abiyyu Ramadhan.

Fernando and Govinda have tested positive for COVID-19 based on the results of the PCR swab test in the early hours of January 30. Meanwhile, Arighi and Xavi Yonga were confirmed positive based on the results of tests on January 30 night.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Abiyyu Ramadhan were confirmed positive for COVID-19 on February 1 in the morning. (Ant)

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