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6 Latest Korean Movies Shows Throughout October on Viu

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You can watch the following Korean films on Viu throughout October 2021

1. Chimera

Haven’t moved on with acting yet Park Hae Soo in his latest drama? Anticipation of another Park Hae Soo’s latest drama is to watch Chimera which will air exclusively on Viu starting October 31, 2021.

Together Lee Hee Joon and Claudia Kim, they will solve the mystery of the explosion event equipped with a tense chase action.

Chimera tells the story of the explosions and series of murders that took place in 1984, known as the Chimera Incident.

Detective Chae Jae Hyun (played by Park Hae Soo), doctor Lee Joong Yeob (played by Lee Hee Joon), and criminal profiler Yoo Jin (played by Claudia Kim) work together to find the criminal behind the incident and uncover the secret between the two. case.

Can they uncover two interrelated cases that are very far apart in time?

2. House on Wheel 3

Want to know the life of Gong Myung, Prince Yangmyeong in Lovers of the Red Sky living his daily life in a simple wheelhouse? You must watch the latest variety show on House on Wheels 3 with Sung Dong Il and Kim Wee Hon which will air on Viu starting October 16, 2021.

Following the success of the previous two seasons, the members are back with their signature house, a house on wheels where they will travel around Korea together and invite guests. Who are the celebrities who will be present in the third season this time? And how the excitement of the three men living their lives together? Look forward to it soon on Viu!

3. Innocence

Before watching Innocence, prepare your heart and mind because this film will contain onions that are ready to tear your emotions apart. Innocence itself is a film inspired by the true story of a murder case that occurred in North Gyeonsan Province, South Korea in 2015. In addition, this film by director Park Sang Hyun will also raise social issues as well as a subtle plot twist.

Starting from the funeral of Chae Hwa Ja’s husband (played by Bae Jong Ok), Mayor Choo (played by Heo Jun Ho) and his entourage were poisoned after drinking makgeolli. As a result, Hwa Ja is accused of murder but she can’t remember because she has Alzheimer’s. Jung In (played by Shin Hye Sun), Hwa Ja’s daughter who has become a successful lawyer now returns to her hometown and decides to take over the case to prove her mother’s innocence. Will Jung In be able to prove the truth? This drama has been airing on Viu since early October.

4. The Whispering

Visiting an amusement park will make you happy? The story is different from what happened in The Whispering. Instead of enjoying every ride, this group of students actually experienced terrible things that endangered their lives.

Yeo Eun-Ha (played by So Ju-Yeon) continues to have nightmares after the death of her best friend and becomes even more stressed. Together with his five classmates, Yeo Eun Ha then decided to take a trip to the beach. But on the way, they get lost and end up in an amusement park. Without hesitation, they began to explore the terrible place. Slowly, the students began to hear whispers that brought them closer to death. Did the six students get out of the haunted place safely? Find the answer on Viu starting October 10, 2021.

5. Boomerang Family

Life in adulthood does not always run smoothly, as well as the three siblings in the Boomerang Family. The problems that are often encountered by adults are wrapped with comedic nuances and a touch of family, making this film not to be missed.

In Mo (played by Park Hae Il) who is already 48 years old decides to return to live with his mother (played by Youn Yuh Jung) after experiencing failure as a film director. Then there is the eldest brother Han Mo (played by Yoon Je Moon), an ex-convict who has spent his entire life with his mother. Finally, there is Mi Yeon (Gong Hyo Jin) and her daughter (Jin Ji Hee) who come back to her mother’s house.

Apart from the problems of the three brothers who don’t get along, it turns out that his mother is secretly keeping a secret of her own. Will a family reunion allow them to live in harmony in the midst of conflicts and problems? Coming to Viu starting October 17, 2021, look forward to comedy films with sibling-like fights only on Viu.

6. Guimoon: The Lightless Door

This is the last horror film of the month that will accompany you starting October 30, 2021 on Viu. For you lovers of the horror genre, of course, you will be addicted to every horror scene that occurs in this film. In addition, Guimoon: The Lightless Door also features a slick cinematography that makes it even more exciting while watching it.

The film Guimoon: The Lightless Door tells the story of the Guisari Training Center which was closed after the building manager committed a mass murder in 1990 and decided to end his life. Then, the ghost story about the ‘guimoon’ where people enter the building but no one comes out starts to become the talk of the town.

Do Jin (Kim Kang Woo), the director of the Psychic Research Institute, comes to the training center to uncover the secret. In addition, three students consisting of Hye Young (played by Kim So Hye), Tae Hoon (played by Lee Jung Hyung), and Won Jae (played by Hong Jin Ki) also entered the training center to shoot the competition video.

A tense situation of horror ensued when they opened the door without any light. In this mysterious building, will they make it out safely?

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