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6 K-Pop Idols Who Play Big Screen Movies in 2022

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Idol KPop who plunged into the world of acting are not satisfied after appearing in television and web dramas. Not a few of them are trying to star in feature films in order to widen the acting horizon.

Including SNSD’s Seohyun, five idol The following have or will show their existence in the Korean film scene in 2022. Anyone, huh?

1. SNSD’s Seohyun

Seohyun (

Seo Juhyun alias Seohyun has been actively starring in television dramas since her acting debut through drama Passionate Love (2013). A series of drama titles such as The Time (2018), Private Lives (2020), even The Jinx Lovers (2022) also listed her name as the female lead.

This year, maknae the SNSD group showed their existence as an actress by starring in a movie Love and Leashes which aired on Netflix on February 11. Even though it was his first foray into the big screen, he was immediately lined up to become first lead with Lee Jun Young of U-Kiss.

Love and Leashes itself tells about the relationship between Park Ji Woo (Seohyun) and Park Ji Hoo (Lee Jun Young) who are officemates. Their hot relationship started when Ji Woo mistakenly received Ji Hoo’s package because of the similarity of their names. Spiced with adult scenes, make sure you’re old enough to watch!

2. Lee Jun Young ex U-KISS

There's Seohyun SNSD, 6 K-Pop Idols Who Play Big Screen Movies in 2022Lee Jun Young (

Sharing frames with Seohyun in Love and Leashes, Lee Jun Young plays an office worker named Park Ji Hoo. Ex-played character rapper The U-Kiss will later be involved in a relationship with Park Ji Woo (Seohyun) after an error when receiving the package.

Besides Love and LeashesLee Jun Young will also be involved in the film again Brave Citizen with Shin Hye Sun. Adapted from webcomicthe film tells the story of So Shi Min (Shin Hye Sun), a former boxer who switches careers as a temporary teacher and later becomes involved with a fighting student named Han Soo Gang (Lee Jun Young).

3. Sehun EXO

There's Seohyun SNSD, 6 K-Pop Idols Who Play Big Screen Movies in 2022Oh Sehun (

In addition to being proficient in music and performing in variety showsit’s no secret that Oh Sehun is also good at acting. To The Beautiful You (2012), Dokgo Rewind (2018), until Now, We’re Breaking Up (2021) is a series of drama titles that he has starred in.

This year, EXO’s maknae is included in the ranks of film players The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure which aired on Netflix as of January 26th. As the title implies, Sehun who plays the character Han Goong tries to find treasure with a group of pirates led by Haerang (Han Hyo Joo).

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4. Cha Eun Woo ASTRO

There's Seohyun SNSD, 6 K-Pop Idols Who Play Big Screen Movies in 2022Cha Eun Woo (

Besides comeback in drama adaptation webtoon titled Island, Cha Eun Woo also has a film project in 2022, you know. The first time he played in the film, he was immediately partnered with one of the main actors along with Kim Rae Won and Lee Jong Suk.

Titled Decibel, the film, which has been in production since April 2021, tells the story of terrorism in the form of a bomb that threatens a former Korean naval commander. Cha Eun Woo himself will play a young member of the navy as well as a solar technician. Can’t wait to see Eun Woo’s acting debut in a movie, huh!


There's Seohyun SNSD, 6 K-Pop Idols Who Play Big Screen Movies in 2022Do Kyung Soo (

After completing his mandatory military service on January 25, Do Kyung Soo aka DO EXO is ready to resume his activities as an actor. He will star in a film called The Moon with Sol Kyung Goo and Kim Hee Ae.

To be directed by Kim Yong Hwa, The Moon will tell the story of a rescue mission of someone who is trapped alone in outer space due to an accident. genre movies sci-fi It is slated to air in the first half of 2022.

6. YoonA SNSD

There's Seohyun SNSD, 6 K-Pop Idols Who Play Big Screen Movies in 2022Im YoonA (

Take it home trophy Most Popular Actress at the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards thanks to the film Confidential AssignmentYoonA will return to star in the second series entitled Confidential Assignment 2: International. He will again compete acting with Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin through a character named Park Min Young.

The film, which was produced since last February, will follow the story of detectives Im Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin) and Kang Jin Tae (Yoo Hae Jin) in capturing Jang Myung Joon (Jin Seon Kyu), North Korea’s criminal chief. They will also work with an FBI agent named Jack (Daniel Henney).

Besides Confidential Assignment 2: InternationalYoonA will also star in movie 2 O’Clock Date with Ahn Bo Hyun, you know. Very productive, huh!

Has or will star in movies, action six idol KPop is worth waiting for, here. Moreover, there are those who will act in two films as well, patiently waiting for the release schedule, OK?

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