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6 Hacker Movie Recommendations That You Must Watch

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PeekCelebHacker movie increasingly reaping success in the film industry and managed to attract the attention of many people. This film features a lot of action and also features great people who managed to hack computer networks.

Not only relying on dangerous actions, the hacker film also has an interesting storyline and has succeeded in attracting millions of viewers. Genre storyline action and full of mystery, creating a lot of debate for viewers who do not understand about technology and information knowledge. So, what are the titles of hacker films that must be watched by netizens, here? PeekCeleb summarize the article.

Who Am I (2014)

The first hacker film that citizens must watch is entitled Who Am I. The film, directed by Baran Bo Odar, has a duration of 105 minutes.

Movies starring Tom SchillingElias M’Barek, released on September 6, 2014. The film, which tells the story of the cyber hacker, uses English and German in the film’s presentation.

The film Who Am I tells about an exciting adventure filled with dangerous action that makes the audience tense and confused. A mysterious group called CLAY, uses scary masks when carrying out their crimes.

The creepy grinning mask was inspired by the character V for Vendetta. As implied in the poster for the film, Who Am I contains many unsolved mysteries about the figure of Benjamin. The director is reliable, presenting the truth of a very mysterious computer network hacker.

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