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6 Game Weapons That Shouldn’t Be in the Real World, Very Dangerous

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It’s cool, but no. Thanks!

We always think of the existence of great and secret weapons in the world like the various games we play. Ok, hold on to the imagination first. You should think twice about the existence of these weapons because even though they look cool, they are honestly very dangerous.

Dangerous for his brutality in destroying those in his path. Believe me, for example, weapons from games do appear in the real world, at least it’s better if these six weapons don’t exist.

1. BFG 9000 – Doom

BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant, a children’s novel by Roald Dahl. But for the game Doom, BFG means big f*cking gun and it is true that this firearm is so big. In the 2016 version of Doom, you can kill and blow up several monsters at once using this weapon.

You don’t want this weapon to exist in the real world. Why? Because once you shoot wrong, dozens of people will die and it’s in a state of shattering.

The second reason, because this weapon is too heavy and bulky to carry everywhere. Only careless people would carry this flashy weapon.

2. The Cerebral Bore – Turok 2

6 Game Weapons That Shouldn't Be in the Real World, Very

Have you ever imagined a drill flying and aiming for your head, then blowing it up? This is the ability of a weapon called The Cerebral Bore.

This weapon was introduced in the game Turok 2 and has the ability to fire a drill that only targets the head. Trust me, you won’t want to see how The Cerebral Bore’s bullet attempts to pierce someone’s head and destroy the target’s brain.

3. Gravity Gun – Half-Life 2

6 Game Weapons That Shouldn't Be in the Real World, Very

As the name suggests, the Gravity Gun is able to make all targeted items float due to the absence of gravity. In the Half-Life game, this weapon is generally used to throw saws and other items at high speed to kill enemies. If this weapon existed in the real world, you would definitely be scared to death.

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First, because you will think the flying objects are ghosts, second because they will lunge at you at high speed. BTW, did you know that this weapon can also create black holes, by creating two different gravitational forces, to attract each other?

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4. Pandora – Devil May Cry 4

6 Game Weapons That Shouldn't Be in the Real World, Very

You wouldn’t imagine that this box is actually a weapon. It does look like suit case The usual size is 30×40 cm, but Pandora can transform into various weapons, such as cannons and lasers.

Unmitigated, the number of weapons that can change reaches more than five forms. Create this in the real world, then you will always be paranoid about people carrying suitcases.

5. Experimental MIRV – Fallout 3

6 Game Weapons That Shouldn't Be in the Real World, Very

Talking about nuclear weapons is honestly enough to scare a lot of people. One shot alone can destroy a city. Well what if the weapon was developed in a smaller form and can be easily thrown?

It’s not impossible you know, considering Fall Out 3 designed this weapon for entry into the game. Even more terrifying, because the Experimental MIRV fired eight mini nukes. That means that your city is definitely destroyed without a trace plus the impact of radiation.

6. Euclid’s C-Finder – Fallout: New Vegas

6 Game Weapons That Shouldn't Be in the Real World, Very

You would definitely think that this toy gun is not dangerous at all. That’s true, because in Fallout itself, this weapon is not very useful. Only after completing a special mission do you find out that Euclid’s C-Finder is capable of sending lasers directly from the Archimedes II satellite, which uses solar energy. Fall into the hands of children, then wish the earth a happy doomsday.

Do you understand why these weapons shouldn’t exist? It’s a cool weapon, but if that’s the effect, then it’s better not to have to. Especially considering that this weapon does not indiscriminately destroy its surroundings.

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