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6 Details about Soodam SECRET NUMBER, Good Aegyo & Former Ulzzang

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PeekKorean Celebs – Soodam is a member of the woman group from South Korea, Secret Quantity is all the time within the highlight. This lovely lady usually makes her followers fascinated.

As is understood, the woman group from South Korea, Secret Quantity is a lady group that has one member from Indonesia. The member from Indonesia is Dita Karang and is well-known in Indonesia.

Secret Quantity debuted underneath the auspices of the VINE Leisure company. The title of the woman group Secret Quantity was first identified after debuting via a track known as Who Dis.

Apparently, Soodam has a incontrovertible fact that not many individuals know. Come on, see the complete article under!

Photograph : SportsKhan

The proprietor of the title Lee Soodam is an idol born November 9, 1999 who has the place as lead dancersubvocal, visible and heart.


Photograph : Newsdaily

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