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6 Coolest Games that Use the Concept of Time, It’s Fun to Go to Different Times

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Actually, the past is past, but…

Setting the time doesn’t seem like a surprising concept anymore in this day and age. This kind of concept has often been shown in movies and not one or two games that use this concept.

However, only a few developers were able to present the concept of skipping time in a very interesting way so that the various games were able to be presented very cool and liked by many gamers. What are these games? Here are some of them!

1. Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is a game action An RPG that was popular in the Playstation 2 era. Here you play the role of a Persian prince who gets a knife that has a magical power, which is to reverse time.

Every time you die from an attack or fail to jump over a chasm, you can go back a few seconds before it happened and learn to get past it. Prince of Persia is one of the games that popularized the concept of time travel as a game gameplay game.

2. Life is Strange

6 Coolest Games that Use the Concept of Time, It's Fun to Go to Different

This Square Enix work is different from his other works. Life is Strange does not provide an adventurous experience of beating enemies or raising levelbut just follow the story according to your choices.

Life is Strange provides a concept chaos theory where the slightest choice will have an impact on the story, but with the ability to reverse time, you can try other options or even different choices. The story of Life is Strange itself is quite touching and loved by people. Because the developer will release the second game.

3. Chrono Trigger

6 Coolest Games that Use the Concept of Time, It's Fun to Go to Different

Considered one of the best games of all time, Chrono Trigger provides an immersive concept. At first glance, the Chrono Trigger story is just a story about returning to the past.

But honestly the story of this game is very complex because the choices to go back in time give different future results. Chrono Trigger also has some ending which all deserve.

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4. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

6 Coolest Games that Use the Concept of Time, It's Fun to Go to Different

Known as the most stressful Zelda game series, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask actually provides an interesting concept of time travel. Link, who is required to complete all missions in just three days before the moon hits the earth, makes players rush.

However, the main key to this game is to be smart in turning back time by singing the Song of Time through Ocarina of Time which gives you a penalty in the form of loss of money and inventory reduction.

5. No Time to Explain

6 Coolest Games that Use the Concept of Time, It's Fun to Go to Different

This is an indie game that caught the attention of many YouTubers when this game was released. Gameplayit’s unique in that you have to shoot your gun at the ground and avoid obstacles in order to advance to the next level.

But the story itself is also good. It is told that you are on an adventure because you are visited by yourself who comes in the future. In the end too, as the final boss you will be fighting your own evil self.

6. Braid

6 Coolest Games that Use the Concept of Time, It's Fun to Go to Different

Braid is also an indie game developed with the concept of managing time. Like Super Mario, given the ability to set time, you can turn back time and even predict their movements.

The most interesting thing is when everything moves to follow you. When you don’t move, the enemy doesn’t move either. When you turn back time, the enemy will return to their original position. Highly, highly recommended to play this game.

Those are six cool games with the concept of jumping through time. Have any other game collection recommendations, with other special concepts? If you can, it’s hard, so you don’t get bored playing it. Do you agree?

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