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6 ‘Abstains’ During Menstruation, Myth or Fact?

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Mood swing when menstruation is normal, and even felt by all girls. But you know, it turns out that there are also some girls who actually avoid these five things when they are menstruating. Wow, why do you think so? Or maybe, you are one of those who also feel it?

OK, let’s take a look at the answer. Is it the same with you?

1. Waxing body hair

6 Things Girls Often Avoid When Menstruating, Related?Freepik/nensuria

During menstruation, Bela’s body will experience a decrease in the hormones estrogen and progesterone, you know! As a result, you will be more sensitive to pain. not only waxing it’s not necessary to delay Bela. Other activities, such as pulling teeth, plucking eyebrows and fine hair, should be done later after period done!

2. Consuming fizzy or caffeinated drinks

6 Things Girls Often Avoid When Menstruating, Related?Freepik/freepik

For Bela who has a coffee drinking routine, it’s best to avoid it during menstruation. Because drinks containing caffeine and soda can affect hormones and reduce blood flow to the uterus. If Bela can implement this, the effect can prevent drastic changes mood which happens often!

Instead, Bela can drink more water or fruit and vegetable juices.

3. Watch a movie that can ‘random’ the mood

6 Things Girls Often Avoid When Menstruating, Related?Freepik/tirachardz

If Bela likes movies or serial with genre drama, please avoid watching when you are menstruating. Plot Stories that drain feelings, can make your emotions unbalanced. Especially the hormone estrogen affects the brain which is also associated with emotions, and cognitive processes. If you’re desperate, you might get carried away, in the end mood rather drop.

4. Lots of outdoor activities

6 Things Girls Often Avoid When Menstruating, Related?Freepik/pressfoto

Who’s often lazy when it’s time period? In fact, if Bela continues to do activities or do light exercise, it can reduce pain, you know. If the reason is that Bela is afraid of leaking and is uncomfortable with wearing sanitary napkins, it’s clear that you haven’t met the products from Laurier, the V-Care Expert, an expert on quality sanitary napkins. All your menstrual problems, Laurier has the solution. Come on, let’s get straight to the point!

  • Laurier Healthy Skin the Anti-Irritation Expert, this pad has the advantage of being able to prevent moisture and irritation in the female area. With the new innovation of 3D Corrugated Pores, it absorbs liquid instantly and increases 80% of air circulation so that the pads stay dry.
  • Laurier Super Slimguard Si Flexible Thin Expert, sanitary napkins with 1mm Ultra Thin Absorption Layer Technology with a capacity of 200x, absorbs maximum and faster! Stay comfortable without any obstacles in your activities.

5. Stay up late

6 Things Girls Often Avoid When Menstruating, Related?Shutterstock/GBALLGIGGSPHOTO

Bela, when you’re menstruating, sometimes it will affect our sleep, right? For fear of leaking, so it must be checked frequently, afraid it will penetrate to the bed. ‘Not really.

Even though staying up late is a taboo for girls, especially if you are on your period. By sleeping on time and not staying up late it can reduce the stress hormone cortisol, you know. So, try to use a safe sanitary napkin overnight, such as a Laurier pad.

6 Things Girls Often Avoid When Menstruating, Related?

Laurier Relax Night the Heavy Flow Expert, a sanitary napkin equipped with an instant absorbent core, is able to absorb liquids and clots to the maximum. The protection allows leak-free sleep for up to 10 hours. With a wide back guard and a gap-free structure to prevent leaks in any sleeping position.

Well, now Bela must have understood better, right? For more information, Bela can click here!

6. Overeating and choosing snacks

6 Things Girls Often Avoid When Menstruating, Related?Freepik/jcomp

It doesn’t matter, Bela, if you’re on your period, you eat a lot. As long as you keep an eye on the calories and nutritional content. Bela can consume oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, nuts and foods that contain fiber.

In addition, Bela also needs to avoid foods that contain trans fats, dairy products, sodium, and added sugar. Must be noted yes, Bela!

Remember, Bela, even though you are menstruating, you can still do various activities in moderation. And don’t forget to stay healthy and clean. (WEB)

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