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58 Tourist Attractions in Pattaya That You Must Visit

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Thailand is a tourist destination that has now become the most desired holiday destination today. Pattaya was only known for its nightlife and legendary shows, but we have transformed Pattaya into a tourist spot that is often visited. In the city of Pattaya you can enjoy the atmosphere of the sunrise or the atmosphere of the sunset which is so beautiful to enjoy. At night the city of Pattaya is enlivened by sparkling lights accompanied by culinary delights that spoil the tongue and don’t miss the show that must be enjoyed as well.

Pattaya city itself has a location not far from the city of Bangkok. To get to the city of Pattaya from Bangkok City you can take only two hours. The tourist attractions in Pattaya that must be visited include the following 7 places:

1. Sanctuary Of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is the first tourist destination that we will discuss. The Sanctuary of Truth is the main tourist spot in Pattaya which is visited by many tourists. This place is basically a tourist spot in the form of a building shaped like a temple, it’s just that the Sanctuary of Truth is not a temple but a building built with teak as a symbol of respect for their ancestors.

This tourist attraction displays interior decorations full of beautiful sculptures when you enter this tourist spot. Another thing to note is that the Sanctuary of Truth has a size of more than 100 meters. The Sanctuary of Truth is located at No 06/2 moo 5, Banglamung. If you want to go to the Sanctuary of Truth you must visit from 8 am to 5 pm. Tickets to enter this tourist spot are priced at 500 bath for adults and 250 bath for children, while the tour guide is free of charge. (read also: Aceh waterfall tourist attractions)

2. Tiffany’s ladyboy cabaret show

Tiffany's ladyboy cabaret show - tourist spot in pattayaThis Tiffany’s Ladyboy Cabaret Show is one of the tourist attractions featuring the most famous tourist attractions in Pattaya. Of course we know that Thailand is one of the countries that is famous for its very beautiful and attractive Ladyboys. In pattaya especially at Tiffany’s ladyboy cabaret show you will be able to enjoy the shows.

Magnificent with stage decorations and ladyboys who use dresses that are so beautiful not to miss accessories such as beautiful feathers and headdresses that are no less magnificent. At the Tiffany’s ladyboy cabaret show, this show features entertainment attractions such as singing performances, dancing and sometimes even comedy jokes that tickle the stomach. Dances that are displayed in this place in the form of Bollywood dances, traditional Korean dances to Chinese dances are also displayed here. Not to forget, the Tiffany’s ladyboy cabaret show also featured a typical Thai dance that tells the history of Siam. (Also read: Pulau Weh Returns to Sabang)

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3. Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market - tourist spot in pattayaAnother famous tourist destination in Pattaya is the Pattaya Floating Market. at the Pattaya Floating market you can enjoy a floating market that peddles and sells a variety of options that you can choose from. This Pattaya Floating Market has an area of ​​100,000 square meters which is divided into four parts representing 4 regions of Thailand where each part of the Pattaya Floating Market sells typical Thai goods according to the location where the four parts are represented. .

At this Pattaya tourist spot, you can shop for various kinds of goods ranging from accessories, fresh fruits to Thai snacks you can also enjoy here. If you want to try a new experience by taking a boat or boat at the Pattaya Floating Market, there are also boat or canoe rentals to get around the canal. By renting a boat, you can carry up to 4 people including those who brought the ship and you can use it for about half an hour. The operating hours of the Pattaya Floating market are from 10.00 to 23.00 with a ticket price of 100 bath per person. (read also: list of tourist attractions in Aceh)

4. Coral beach

Coral beach - pattaya tourist spotAnother famous tourist destination that has tourist attractions in Pattaya is Coral Beach. This one tour is classified as mandatory to visit because the location of coral beach itself is far from the city center and is across from the city of pattaya itself which means to be able to reach and enjoy this coral beach you have to rent or pay for a small ferry so that it can take you across to coral beach. Actually from the city of Pattaya to the coral beach itself is only 7.5 km away. (Also read: Holiday Tips to Europe)

However, you will feel the sensation of a vacation that is so calm and peaceful because it is far from the bustle of the bustling city center. Here you can enjoy the beach atmosphere and the warm sun so calmly without having to be afraid of being disturbed by the noise of the crowd. At this coral beach you can also enjoy several available water sports such as banana boats, speedboats and jetskis. Coral beach also has clear water, you can snorkel on the beach because the sea water is clear. Don’t be afraid of starvation, this tourist spot also provides a place to eat in the form of a restaurant that is ready to pamper your hungry stomach. (read also: tourist attractions in Aceh)

5. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden - pattaya tourist spotNong Nooch Tropical Garden is another well-known tourist spot in Pattaya which is a beautiful garden with a size of 2.4 km². This tourist spot is also a unique and beautiful garden in which there are various kinds of botanical plants of many types, such as flower plants to other tropical trees. These plants are arranged and cared for so beautifully and display a combination of botanical plant forms that are so neat in the eyes. (Also read: romantic date spots in Bogor)

The Nong Nooch Tropical Garden also has a culture hall featuring Thai cultural performances such as traditional dances, elephant attractions and muay thai. Because it has such a large area, this park has several theme park concepts for each part of the area, the themes ranging from western to eastern. At this Pattaya tourist spot, you can also rent a bicycle to enjoy the atmosphere of going around the vast park without having to walk so you can enjoy all areas of the park. (Also read: place to date in Bogor)

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6. Silver Lake

Silver Lake - pattaya tourist spotThis Pattaya tourist destination that you must visit is located not far from the laser Buddha tourist spot. Here you will be presented with views of the vineyards which have a fairly large and beautiful area which you can visit and see from a close distance, not only wineries in Silver Lake. (read also: cheap Karawang tours)

In this place you can also see other sights such as lakes, parks and Dutch-style windmills and in this silver lake visitors or tourists can buy and enjoy processed wine from plantations in silver lake in the form of drinks such as grape juice too. Silver lake was founded in 2002 by an actor who was inspired by medieval plantations in the west. This tourist spot is in the form of a mountain side painted with a giant Buddha shape. This tour at the foot of the mountain is an image of Buddha made using a laser in 1996 with a height of 109 m and a width of 70 m. (Also read: culinary Semarang at night)

In addition to the several places that have been described and each one given a description, it turns out that there are still many places that you must also visit, as follows:

  1. Baiyoke sky bangkok. (Also read: Bogor hunting place)
  2. Art in paradise.
  3. Rifley’s word of entertainment.
  4. Pattaya beach.
  5. Sriratcha tiger zoo.
  6. Jewelery gems.
  7. Big bee farm.
  8. Alcazar shows.
  9. Siamese mini.
  10. Grand Palace.
  11. Wat arun.
  12. Khao san road.
  13. Phuket.
  14. Chiang Rai.
  15. Phantom rung.
  16. Railay beach.
  17. Wat bencha ma bophit.
  18. Wat ratchanaddaram.
  19. Wat phara kaew. (read also: cheap lodging in Bandung)
  20. Wat pho.
  21. Chiang Mai.
  22. Hua hin.
  23. Krabi Island.
  24. Koh Chang Beach.
  25. Phu tok.
  26. Doi mae hua kham.
  27. phu rua national park.
  28. Doi ang khang moh.
  29. Roller Lave National Park.
  30. Cha-am.
  31. Salaeng Leisure National Park.
  32. Koh samui.
  33. Baan pinsuwan benjarong.
  34. Wat kharon temple.
  35. Mekong river.
  36. Jed Samian traditional market.
  37. Sampran river side market.
  38. Wattramit temple.
  39. Vimanninek Mansion.
  40. Chinatown bangkok.
  41. Dream world garden.
  42. Siam Niramit Show.
  43. Emporium mall.
  44. Saim ancient city.
  45. four face buddha.
  46. Bangkok dinner cruises.
  47. Pratunam market.
  48. Madame tu saaud.
  49. Chatuchak weekend market.
  50. Suphattra land.
  51. Ayutthaya.
  52. Pie.
  53. Hua hin.

Those are some reviews of tourist attractions in Pattaya that you can know, hopefully with a walk in Thailand you can know the place you are going to visit.

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