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5 YG Entertainment Idol Activities in 2022, There’s CB TREASURE to BIGBANG! |

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Entering the second month of 2022, YG Entertainment has surprised many by revealing the artist activities that will occur this year. Compared to the activities of artists in other agencies, lineup comeback YG last year was a bit stagnant. However, not this year, YG gave a lot lineup for his artistic activities.

Some information starting from the beginning of the year filled in by comeback The newest boy group, TREASURE, has arrived comeback from BIGBANG that fans have been waiting for. All the good news was greeted enthusiastically by fans of YG artists. Are you one of them? Summarized from various official social media of artists and YG, here is a list of YG Entertainment’s idol activities in 2022.

1. TREASURE’s First Comeback and Concert

TREASURE (YG Entertainment)

On February 15, TREASURE officially returned with their first mini album ‘THE SECOND STEP : FIRST CHAPTER’ after approximately a year of hiatus. YG himself revealed that TREASURE is back on a large scale. It is evident from the cost of the ‘JIKJIN’ music video which reached 500 million won.

TREASURE will also greet fans by holding its first concert on April 9 and 10, 2022 at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul. In addition, YG provides a lot of TREASURE activities, such as appearing on TV and radio shows in South Korea to promote their latest album.

2. BIGBANG’s comeback after 4 years of hiatus

BIGBANG (YG Entertainment)

One of the shocking news in the K-Pop world is BIGBANG’s return to the stage after a long hiatus. On February 7th, YG Entertainment revealed that BIGBANG will be releasing a new song in the spring of 2022 and that BIGBANG has finished recording their new song. This will be a broken and highly anticipated comeback after a long period.

Along with this news, YG also announced that TOP left after 16 years at the agency with BIGBANG. Despite leaving YG, TOP is still a member of BIGBANG.

3. WINNER’s First Concert in 2 Years

WINNER (YG Entertainment)

Next, there is a boy group that debuted in 2014, WINNER. YG Entertainment has shared the concert schedule for the ‘WINNER 2022 CONCERT’. This will be WINNER’s first concert in two years with the full group members. Following the return of two WINNER members, Kim Jin Woo and Lee Seung Hoon who have completed their military service.

The concert will be held live on April 30 and and May 1, 2022 at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul. In addition, fans are also expecting comeback WINNER with their new album.

4. Debut of New Girl Group

XG (Soompi)

YG never ceases to surprise fans with good news for its artists. Next, it comes from the debut of the latest girl group named XG which will debut in Japan. The new girl group consists of 7 members and will debut in Japan on March 18th. This is a joint project of YG and Avex Group.

After being announced to debut, XG immediately became the attention of K-Pop fans because of their visuals and talent. YG itself is known to create many idol groups with unique and different concepts from other K-Pop agencies. No wonder the debut of this latest YG group will be greeted with enthusiasm.

5. YG Family Moments in One Event

YG Entertainment artist display at The Game Caterers 2 (Allkpop)

Lastly, the joint activities of YG artists that are rarely seen on the small screen. The first moment came from TREASURE who will be a guest star on KBS Cool Fam Station Z combined by DK iKON on February 22. Fans can’t wait to see the moment of togetherness from TREASURE to his senior, DK who debuted in 2015 with IKON.

Another moment of togetherness, came from the event The Game Caterers 2 which aired on February 25, 2022 on YouTube. Through a glimpse, Choi Hyun Suk and Jihoon TREASURE, iKON’s Song and Jay, WINNER’s Mino and Jinwoo will appear at the event.

In addition, there were other YG artists, namely SECHKIES’s Eun Jiwon, AKMU’s Chanhyuk, and BLACKPINK’s Jennie who joined The Game Caterers 2. Fans couldn’t wait to see the ‘YG Family’ moment.

That’s the list of activities of YG Entertainment artists in 2022. In addition to the activities above, fans are also waiting for the activities of other YG artists, such as comeback from BLACKPINK and iKON, Jisoo’s solo debut to the debut of the rumored new girl group under the name ‘BABY MONSTER,’ and many more. For YG booth, which activities are you looking forward to?

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