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5 Ways to Win Against Mood, Be Productive, Don’t Have to Wait!

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How many things are delayed and just missed because they are always waiting mood to do it? Actually, there are lots of opportunities in front of your eyes, but they just pass because you are waiting for that motivation to come. Unfortunately, that motivation often takes a long time to come.

It’s time for you to change and win against mood. One thing that is certain is the main capital, namely intention. After that, what is the next step? Check it out below.

1. Create a fake deadline

illustration of chasing deadlines ( Grabowska)

What’s that deadline fake? Deadline The hoax is when you make personal deadlines earlier than they really are. This is so that the work can be completed faster. Well, for those of you who like to work tight, this method will be very effective.

When your mind is on deadline this lie, then you will force yourself to do it. Make deadline This lie is very effective against mood. Effort will increase as time runs out.

2. Just start with simple steps

5 Ways to Win Against Mood, Be Productive, Don't Have to Wait for a Good Mood!illustration of starting morning exercise ( Subiyanto)

If every activity you will do always depends on mood then only delays and delays occur. To fight mood there must be a strong will from within.

A simple example if you want to build a healthy lifestyle by exercising. To begin with, of course, will be very difficult. Therefore in fighting mood always start with one simple step.

It’s as simple as starting by getting out of bed and then continuing with washing your face. After these two things have been done, continue with changing clothes and wearing shoes.

Have you reached this point, do you want to just back off? Just get out of the house and exercise. Well, if you start with simple steps, it won’t feel too heavy.

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3. Create a supportive environment

5 Ways to Win Against Mood, Be Productive, Don't Have to Wait for a Good Mood!illustration of work from home ( Karpovich)

A simple step earlier must be followed by a supportive environment. The role of the environment is also very influential to increase motivation.

For example, if you want to do an assignment. Create an environment that is ready to work productively. Open the laptop, put it on the table, prepare books and other stationery. Make the table tidy so you can be more comfortable working on it.

4. Focus on the first 20 minutes

5 Ways to Win Against Mood, Be Productive, Don't Have to Wait for a Good Mood!illustration of doing assignments ( Neel)

Still fighting against mood? Feeling less motivated? Do the next method, which is to focus on the first 20 minutes. You don’t need to think too much, whether the task can be completed by the heart too. Better tell yourself if you can finish it in 20 minutes.

This method will not burden you too much. Well, if the first 20 minutes have been exceeded, continue to the second 20 minutes. Do so and so with the mind that continues to focus on 20 minutes.

5. Find the reason behind every activity you do

5 Ways to Win Against Mood, Be Productive, Don't Have to Wait for a Good Mood!illustration of passion for work ( Piacquadio)

When there is no clear reason behind the activities you do, it will definitely end in procrastination. There is no strong enough motivation to move you to do it. Therefore, the ultimate way to stay productive without waiting mood is finding the reason behind you doing something.

For example, you want to build a writing habit, of course starting is very difficult. Usually waiting mood just wrote before. If mood-it doesn’t come, it certainly won’t start. But it’s different if you have a strong reason to write. Whether there is motivation or not, you will keep writing.

Don’t make mood or lack of motivation as your reason to quit. Many golden opportunities await you who keep trying to fight mood to relax. Because if you still lose against your own ego, how can you get more trust?

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