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5 Ways to Turn a New Leaf Without Discussing the Past

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What is an experience in the past, let it be a life lesson. Don’t let it be something that shackles you. No matter how dark the story in the past, believe that there will always be an opportunity for you to turn over a new leaf as a means to grow.

Even though, in the past you experienced a lot of bad things and felt that all good roads were blocked, rest assured that it was only your feelings and thoughts. In fact, life always provides many good opportunities that you can get, if you are willing to work for them. So, how do you make that happen? Come on, follow some of the following methods.

1. Let go of all the things that keep making you sad

Sad illustration ( Summer)

Keeping sadness and pain inside for too long will only make you worse off. Conditions like that will make it more difficult for you to turn over a new leaf. Therefore, let go and let go of all the things that have always made you sad. Get rid of all the wounds in your past.

Want to cry and scream? Just do it, if it can make your heart feel relieved. Allow yourself to feel all these things. Don’t even harbor negative emotions, because if one day they overflow, then you will find it difficult to control yourself. Give space in your heart to feel it, so that you are more accepting with grace, and you will be able to let it go.

2. Forgive yourself first, then others will be involved in your story

5 Ways to Turn a New Leaf, without Discussing the Past illustration of people forgiving each other ( Fortunato)

The next thing you need to do, in order to turn over a new leaf, is to forgive yourself first. Reminiscing and constantly discussing the past, without apologizing to yourself and others, is not a good solution.

If you want to turn over a new leaf, then forgive all the mistakes you’ve made in the past. Then, forgive the people involved in your bad past. To be able to continue living with a new and positive story, it can help you in stepping into a new life.

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3. Have a priority in living a new story

5 Ways to Turn a New Leaf, without Discussing the Past illustration of people who have priorities in life ( Nilov)

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Continuing life by turning over a new leaf, without discussing the past, of course you also have to have new priorities too. What has passed, let it be a lesson to be able to live better in the present. Don’t be stuck with past priorities.

Create something new and make sure it is something positive, so that your new page is always filled with good things. Just believe and have faith, that you can still fix everything. Opportunities and opportunities will always be there, if you are willing to seek and good at seeing them. You will achieve something of value. Let’s start setting priorities for your new life.

4. Eliminate all fears and doubts

5 Ways to Turn a New Leaf, without Discussing the Past illustration of people having doubts ( Piacquadio)

Whatever things make you feel afraid and doubtful, throw them away. Never feel afraid and hesitate to start a new leaf. If you have the intention and have a unanimous decision to open a new story, then be brave and convince yourself to do it.

Prepare yourself as best you can, so that you are not easily shaken when you come back to face many obstacles and obstacles. Try to think back about anything that makes you confident. Do that and hone your ability to support and motivate yourself even more.

5. Strengthen your determination to start something new

5 Ways to Turn a New Leaf, without Discussing the Past illustration of strengthening self determination ( Piacquadio)

In addition to self-intelligence and emotional factors, there is one more important thing that you need to have to be able to turn over a new leaf, without discussing the past. It is a strong determination from within you. Having a strong determination will help you to achieve success in your new life.

No matter how dark your past is, don’t keep feeling guilty about it. Enjoy the whole process, then you will be able to turn over a new, better page, without feeling pressured by the constant reminiscence of past bad experiences. Strengthen your determination in fighting all the negative emotions that often come your way.

Let go of the unpleasant past in your life. The five ways above, can slowly and surely help you to get back up and be ready to open a new story. Believe that the opportunity will always be there, so you too must be willing to try to get it.

Start slowly opening your heart and mind, trials will always be there, including those that come from the past. However, don’t keep discussing it, it’s better for you to just focus on growing and developing into a quality person in your new life. Something that hurts doesn’t always end in sorrow, as long as you are serious about overcoming it.

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