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5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

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Christmas and New Year’s holidays are in sight, Bela. Not only holidays, the moment of the end of the year is also often filled with eating activities with family. Usually, the food and drinks provided are more diverse. Starting from light, heavy, sweet, salty, to fatty foods.

Well, this is what makes it difficult for girls to control their appetite while on vacation. However, the lack of control over food can actually cause various health problems, you know, Bela. For this reason, Popbela wants to give tips so that your diet and body health can be maintained during the holiday season. Let’s see right away!

1. Cut down on sweet snacks and pay attention to calories in food

Welcome Holidays!  These are 5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holiday SeasonShutterstock/Mix and Match Studio

Christmas and New Year’s moments are incomplete without cakes and sweet dishes. It doesn’t matter if you want to taste it once or twice. The most important thing is not to go crazy, Bela!

Reduce foods that contain sugar, chocolate, cheese, and fatty foods. You see, fat has two times more calories than carbohydrates. Yep, even the smallest food if it’s sweet must contain calories. Sokeep an eye on the number of calories in your food yes!

2. Drink plenty of mineral water to keep the body hydrated

Welcome Holidays!  These are 5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holiday SeasonShutterstock/Konstantin Chagin

To stay fit While on vacation, your body must stay well hydrated. One of the easiest ways is to not forget to drink. Consumption of mineral water at least 2 liters or 8 glasses a day can provide fluid intake to the body.

If your body is properly hydrated, then all the organs will also function properly. Stay hydratedBela!

3. Prioritize consumption of vegetables and fruit

Welcome Holidays!  These are 5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holiday SeasonShutterstock/StudioByTheSea

Vegetables and fruit must be your healthy food menu while on vacation. Bela must know that vegetables and fruit contain lots of nutrients, are rich in fiber, and have few calories. These various ingredients certainly have many benefits for digestive health.

In addition, consumption of vegetables and fruits will also make you full longer. That way, you will avoid the desire to eat high-calorie and fatty foods. Oh yeah, if you’re tired of eating fruit in the usual way, you can make it into juice or smoothies Yes, Bella.

4. Meet your daily fiber intake with supplements fiber

Welcome Holidays!  These are 5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

In addition to eating vegetables and fruit, Bela can also fulfill her daily fiber intake by taking supplements fiber from Blisse Fiber Shake you know. Not only fiber, this mangosteen-flavored drink can also facilitate our digestion. You see, this supplement contains prebiotics from plants psyllium husk needed by probiotics in our digestive tract, Bela.

Prebiotics will help probiotics to nourish the intestines, while psyllium husk can help maintain weight by binding water, so the body will feel full more easily. In fact, regularly consuming psyllium husk able to reduce constipation, diarrhea, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

Welcome Holidays!  These are 5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holiday SeasonDock. Blisse

If your digestion is good, then all the nutrients you consume will be optimally absorbed and will make your skin less dull, healthier, and brighter. Wow, there are so many benefits of Blisse Fiber Shake for health!

So, Blisse Fiber Shake is really suitable for Bela who wants to maintain or regulate her diet during Christmas and New Year’s moments. Well, for those who are planning a vacation out of town, Blisse Fiber Shake must also be included packing list you yes! For Bela who is interested and wants to know more about Blisse, let’s click here!

5. Don’t forget to exercise

Welcome Holidays!  These are 5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holiday SeasonShuttestock/interstid

Vacation is not an excuse for you to be lazy, right, Bela. Take advantage of the free time during the holidays by exercising even if it’s just by jogging or doing workout simple.

okBela, those were some tips to regulate your diet and keep your body in order fit during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Don’t let your vacation time disappoint just because you fall sick. Stay healthy and happy holidays Bela! (WEB)

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