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5 Types of Effective Diet to Lose Weight, Proven!

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There are many ways to get the ideal body weight. One of them is to go on a diet. Not not eating at all, the diet referred to here is to regulate the intake of food that enters the body, so you don’t eat too much food.

Although many say dieting is difficult, as the times develop, many diets are popping up that are easy for you to do, you know. The fun thing is, now there are many diets that are effective at making you lose weight without having to feel hungry and tormented. Curious? Check out the following types of diets that are effective in losing weight!

1. Military Diet

Powerful Weight Loss, Here Are 5 Types Of Diets You Must

Eits, don’t be scary! Even though it’s called the military diet, this diet isn’t as difficult as you might think. Because this diet aims to lose weight quickly, what you can consume are low-calorie and minimal-carb foods.

The menu that you can try is a cup of hot tea or coffee without sugar and milk with one slice of toast (choose the wheat one) then spread two tablespoons of your favorite jam and you can also eat half a portion of fruit. For during the day, you can replace jam with boiled meat. Likewise for the evening menu.

Just do this diet for three days a week, guaranteed you will lose weight. You can do it again the following week for maximum results.

2. Atkins diet

Powerful Weight Loss, Here Are 5 Types Of Diets You Must

This diet pattern focuses on a diet that is high in fat and protein. This diet is divided into four stages, namely the induction stage, the ongoing weight loss stage, the pre-maintenance stage, and the lifetime maintenance stage.

During this diet, you are advised to reduce your intake of sugar and carbohydrates. You can consume food choices such as chicken, fish, meat, eggs. For vegetables, choose greens, carrots, or tomatoes.

Because when this diet we reduce carbohydrates, fat reserves in the body will be more easily burned. As a result, you will lose weight more quickly.

3. The Keto Diet

Powerful Weight Loss, Here Are 5 Types Of Diets You Must

Similar to the Atkins diet, the keto diet also relies on fat and protein and excludes carbohydrates. Not only can it help you lose weight fast, the keto diet also has other benefits such as controlling appetite, controlling blood sugar levels, and making the brain more focused.

4. General Motors Diet

Powerful Weight Loss, Here Are 5 Types Of Diets You Must

The diet, which is better known as the GM diet, is able to lose up to 8 kilograms in one week. The combination of the menu for a week can make your metabolism increase and toxins will be removed from your body.

For example, for the first day you can only eat various kinds of fruit except bananas. On the second day you can only eat vegetables. While on the third day you can combine fruits and vegetables. On the fourth day you can only eat bananas and milk.

On the fifth and sixth day you can eat meat with a few slices of tomato. Then, on the seventh day you can eat brown rice, vegetables, and juice without sugar. Even though it looks difficult, the results are guaranteed to be satisfying, you know.

5. Zone Diet

Powerful Weight Loss, Here Are 5 Types Of Diets You Must

Zone diet is a diet where you eat vegetables, meat, and fruits. Not only effective in losing weight, this one diet can also burn fat quickly and regulate blood sugar levels in the body.

Those were the types of diets that are effective in losing weight that you can try. Whatever diet you choose, make sure you combine it with adequate rest and regular exercise. Good luck on the diet, Bela!

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