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5 Tourist Attractions in Pelabuhan Ratu

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Traveling is an activity that everyone likes. Not only children, but also teenagers, parents, even grandparents also love this vacation. This is because a vacation does not require serious thoughts, besides that because the purpose of a vacation is to calm the heart and mind, so that a fresh mind will be formed and this tourist spot in Ratu Harbor is a suitable tourist spot for young people.

Tourist attractions around Ratu Harbor

Many vacation spots are vacation destinations, both natural attractions and man-made tourist attractions. There are several types of tourism, including mountainous nature tourism, water or beach tourism, historical tourism, ancient tourism, cultural tourism, religious tourism, and shopping tourism. Mountain nature tourism which is usually a place to visit includes mountains, highlands, volcanoes that are no longer active, or other mountains that have climbing routes.

  1. For water tourism, the places that are usually visited are water parks, swimming pools, beaches, rivers, and water sources, and other places that can be used for swimming and playing water. Historical tourism, places that can be visited are museums, tombs of ancient kings or presidents, palaces, important ancient buildings, and other places that contain historical value.
  2. For ancient tourism, the usual places to visit are temples, both Hindu and Buddhist temples. For cultural tourism, places that can be visited are art museums, art markets, galleries containing items of traditional artistic value, traditional villages, and so on.
  3. As for religious tourism, the places that are usually visited are the tombs of kyai or other religious leaders, places of worship, and other places that contain religious values. As for shopping tourism, places that are usually hunted by tourists are traditional markets that sell regional specialties, markets around tourist attractions, to malls that stand majestically in city centers.
  4. All of these types of tourism can be easily found in the regions, even most regions have some or all of these types of tourism. This all depends on the choice of each. Vacationing will be more fun if you can try one by one these types of tours.
  5. Many regions or cities in Indonesia are famous for their tourist attractions. Some are famous for their natural tourism, some are famous for their historical tourism, some are famous for their cultural tourism, some are even famous for their shopping tours and so on. This is because every place or city has certain characteristics that sometimes become icons of certain cities or regions. There are so many areas that become tourist destinations, even for long holidays (peak season) who deliberately come from outside the city, or even enjoy overseas. various tourist attractions in the city.
  6. Not just a day or two, it could even take weeks. Even foreign tourists who come from abroad can take months just to travel in someone else’s country, in order to enjoy anything that is not found in their own country. The costs incurred are also not small. For some people who really like tourism or vacations, money or costs are not a significant obstacle. Even when finances are sufficient or mediocre though. For them inner satisfaction is more important than just hoarding money. This is also due to the consideration of opportunity, while you can still take a vacation, there is time, you are physically healthy and still strong, there will be no harm in seeking experiences, including vacation experiences.

Queen’s port characteristics

One of the interesting places or cities to talk about tourist attractions is Ratu Harbor, West Java province. Pelabuhan Ratu is a sub-district in Sukabumi Regency, West Java Province which is also the capital of this district. Sukabumi is indeed one of the districts that is famous for having many interesting tourist attractions in the Land of Sunda. Pelabuhan Ratu is also the destination of many travelers or tourists for vacation or sightseeing. Geographically, Pelabuhan Ratu is located in the southwest of Sukabumi district. It is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean, so many have beaches with fairly large waves compared to beaches on the north coast of the island of Java.

Due to the location of Pelabuhan Ratu which is on the coast of the Indian Ocean, so that the tourist objects owned are dominated by beaches. However, it does not mean that Pelabuhan Ratu does not have other tourist attractions besides the beach. There are many other tourist objects besides the beach owned by Pelabuhan Ratu. The beauty of the tourist attraction in Pelabuhan Ratu is also no less interesting than the others, not only the beach, but also the non-coastal. So that many residents, especially those who live in the area of ​​West Java or DKI Jakarta, visit this place for vacation. The Pelabuhan Ratu area is quite a prima donna in the Tanah Sunda area and also the capital city.

Attractions in Pelabuhan Ratu

There are so many attractions in the Pelabuhan Ratu area that you deserve to visit with your family, friends, co-workers, school or college friends, or with someone special. Here are some tourist attractions in Pelabuhan Ratu.

  1. Queen Harbor Beach

The first and must-visit tourist spot for those of you who take the time to vacation in the Pelabuhan Ratu area is Pelabuhan Ratu Beach. This beach is the most famous object in the Pelabuhan Ratu area. Pelabuhan Ratu Beach has the characteristics of soft brown sand and has big waves typical of the Indian Ocean or the South Coast.

The beauty of this beach has even moved the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno to be the initiator of the construction of the hotel around this beach as well as the icon of Pelabuhan Ratu itself, namely Samudera Beach Hotel. In addition to its stunning beauty and has been famous for a long time, this beach is also famous for the legendary myth about Ratu Kidul, namely the Queen of the South Coast guard who has a very beautiful face and always wears green clothes. Not surprisingly, on this beach there are often people who perform mystical rituals.

  1. Hawu Coral Beach

Hawu Coral BeachBesides Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, Karang Hawu Beach is also a famous beach around this area. Like other southern beaches, this beach also has big waves which are very supportive for surfing activities. In addition, on this beach, supporting facilities have also been built for tourists, such as sidewalks for pedestrians, as well as gazebos and other seats used to enjoy the scenery around the beach.

There is a characteristic that this beach has, namely the presence of rocks protruding into the sea. Some rocks even have holes like stoves, and that’s why this beach is called Karang Hawu Beach which in Sundanese Hawu means furnace.

  1. Lalay Cave

Lalay CaveAs previously mentioned, the tourist attraction that is owned by Pelabuhan Ratu is not only in the form of beaches. One of the non-coastal tourist objects is Goa Lalay. Goa Lalay is located 3 kilometers from the city center of Pelabuhan Ratu. This cave has a very humid air temperature and is inhabited by lots of bats that usually leave the cave at five in the afternoon.

The walls of this cave are decorated with stalactites and stalagmites which, although not too many, are enough to make this cave look beautiful. Because there are so many bats that live in this cave, this cave is called Goa Lalay which means bat.

  1. Cisolok Hot Spring

Cisolok Hot SpringBathing with hot water is believed to relieve fatigue. After you are tired of visiting several tourist areas around Pelabuhan Ratu, you can relax yourself in this Cisolok hot spring.

This hot spring is quite unique because it does not contain sulfur like other hot springs. The hot water comes from the geyser. The hot water in this bath has a temperature of 80 degrees which is enough to make your body relax and you will feel refreshed when you take a bath in this hot spring, which is useful for relieving fatigue from all the activities that have been done.

  1. Cimaja Beach

Cimaja BeachThe ferocious waves owned by Cimaja Beach actually make this beach a prima donna for local and foreign surfers. Many surfers, even from countries outside Indonesia, make this beach the main destination for their hobby.

In addition, this beach also has fine stones on the shoreline so that the scenery will be more beautiful.

Those are some of the famous tourist attractions around Pelabuhan Ratu. In addition, there are many other tourist attractions around Pelabuhan Ratu that are interesting to visit.

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