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5 Tips to Finish What You Started, Don’t Procrastinate!

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Have you ever wanted to do something but stopped in the middle? Just look at how many novels you haven’t read since last month, a diary whose pages are still clean and left dusty at the end of the room, or a diet plan that always fails halfway when you meet a food temptation. Surely not a few of you have experienced this, right?

Turns out, this kind of phenomenon is normal. Reported from Psychology TodayAccording to psychologist Susan K. Perry, there’s nothing wrong with suddenly quitting an activity that you were originally doing really enthusiastic to do. There are some tips that you can apply when this feeling of traffic jams comes. Here are 5 tips to finish what you have started.

1. Be selective before starting something

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Don’t start something just to catch up on a trend or to see a friend doing it. You are guaranteed to stop halfway. Make sure you start something that really becomes passionate-your.

Reported Lifehackaccording to Celestine Chua, founder of Personal Excellencestarting things that aren’t passionate-mu will result in wasted time and energy, which could have been used in other, more useful things. That’s why instead of wasting your time and energy, it’s better to start activities that you really like.

2. Find out first before starting to make new activities

5 Tips to Finish What You Started, Don't Procrastinate!illustration of women chatting ( Bolovstova)

Before you decide to start an activity, it’s a good idea to look for it know First things about the activity. Try asking friend or anyone else who has ever done that. Don’t let you make goals which cannot be achieved.

For example, you want to learn Japanese. Ask your friends first how their experiences while learning Japanese. That way, you will be able to judge whether the activity suits you or not. Better not to start what you can’t finish.

3. Understand yourself and be realistic

5 Tips to Finish What You Started, Don't Procrastinate!illustration of woman hugging herself ( Diez)

Understand yourself well and think, will you be able to finish the activities you started now? Are you sure you can learn the violin until you become proficient? Or are you the type of person who gets bored easily in the middle of the road?

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When you decide to start something, make it goals realistic according to what you can actually finish. Setting goals that you can’t achieve and staying stubborn when you can, means that you’re planning your own failure.

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4. Make a schedule to complete the activity

5 Tips to Finish What You Started, Don't Procrastinate!illustration of someone putting together a schedule (

Make a detailed schedule, step by step until you succeed in completing what you want. Learn to discipline yourself and get things done deadline that you have designed for yourself. There will be satisfaction in itself when you successfully complete everything you have planned.

You can arrange the schedule on a piece of paper and paste it where you can see it at any time. Or you can also use applications on your electronic device. Choose the one that best suits your current needs and stay disciplined until the end.

5. Cultivate a commitment to getting it done

5 Tips to Finish What You Started, Don't Procrastinate!illustration of a group of friends eating ( Muertos Crew)

Once you’re sure you’re going to start something, stay committed to the end. Force yourself to be disciplined to follow the plan you have laid out. When you are committed to losing weight, dare to refuse your friend’s invitation to eat together.

Set your priorities, which do you think is more important, your diet or eating with friends? When you want to be able to finish what you started, you must also change the priorities in your life. It takes some sacrifices to be able to achieve the goals you have set.

Those are 5 tips to finish what you started. Staying committed to one thing from start to finish is not easy, especially if you are someone who gets bored easily. But when you successfully finish what you started, you will cultivate a sense of pride in yourself.

Proof that you can take responsibility and continue to commit to the end, yes, by not running away from what you started. Show that you’re not the type to run away once you’re bored and lazy!

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