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5 Tips for Recovering Yourself After Others Hurt

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Have you ever, or maybe you are currently feeling hurt caused by someone else? Want to live life with pleasure, right? Come on, heal yourself after other people hurt you with these five tips.

1. Let yourself feel sad

sad illustration ( Krukov)

Experiencing feelings of sadness due to hurt because of other people’s attitudes and words to you, does require a process. Everyone has their own way of dealing with sadness and pain in their lives. However, one thing you definitely need to do first is, let yourself feel sad and hurt.

Never deny your feelings. It hurts at first, but if you allow yourself to accept and feel it, then to recover from heartache, after other people have the heart to hurt you, it will be easier later. One of the most powerful ways to heal wounds in the heart is to learn to accept the emotions you are currently feeling first.

2. Keep taking good care of yourself

5 Tips to Recover Yourself After Others Hurt, Treat Immediatelyself love illustration (

It often happens, when someone is experiencing heartache due to the actions of others, usually the injured person becomes less caring for himself. In fact, it is you who really need the most care at that time, and you are the only person who is most capable of doing it.

Try to love yourself more first, still care about your physical and mental health. Therefore, never forget yourself. Taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally, is very effective in helping you recover from heartache.

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3. Tell someone you can trust

5 Tips to Recover Yourself After Others Hurt, Treat Immediatelyillustration of people telling stories ( Suhorucov)

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Never keep your hurt feelings to yourself, because it will only add to the burden on your heart. Share with others about how you are feeling. Let the other person understand, so that he too can know what you really need right now.

Pour your heart out to those closest to you and you can trust. Telling stories can reduce the burden on your heart. Usually after you tell a story, your heart will definitely start to feel relieved. One way that can help you recover when your heart is hurting is by sharing stories with other people you trust. Telling stories will make your heart become more calm. That way, your heartache will slowly disappear.

4. Let yourself be busy in various positive activities

5 Tips to Recover Yourself After Others Hurt, Treat Immediatelycooking illustrations ( Zhu)

The next tip so that you can recover after someone else has hurt you is by allowing yourself to be busy in various positive activities. Fill time in your daily life with things you enjoy. Everyone must have a hobby, so just try to do your hobbies.

The key is not to continue to sit still and lament the pain of the heart. Keeping yourself busy doesn’t mean you can run away from what’s going on, does it. However, more precisely, so that you are better able to deal with pain. By keeping yourself busy in positive things, you will get positive energy back to recover.

5. Just focus on the future life

5 Tips to Recover Yourself After Others Hurt, Treat Immediatelyillustration of pursuing a career focus ( Blomkvist)

The life that has passed, let it be a lesson. Even though you experience sadness and pain, don’t keep looking back. Now is the time for you to refocus on managing the future. Forgive others who hurt you, so you can let go of all the things that hurt you.

When you are able to forgive the person who hurt you, then the healing process of your heartache will be able to run faster. Next, you try to focus more on managing your new life in the future as best you can. Just focus and enjoy every process in your recovery, don’t even focus on your pain.

Don’t ever hold your heartache for a long time. Immediately take action to treat the wound in your heart. Don’t let yourself get caught up in pain, to disturb your health. Do the five tips above, so that you recover and feel happy again.

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