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5 Tips for Instilling a Developmental Mindset in Children, Apply it!

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Everyone has the capacity to learn and do things in this world. But it’s often our own thoughts that stop us from trying new things. In fact, the brain will develop if given the right stimulation.

In order to reach our maximum potential in the future, we need a growth mindset or growth mindset. This thinking drives us to explore many things and believe that we have no limits.

This mindset should be instilled in children from an early age so that they can grow and develop optimally. To instill it, there are several strategies that parents can do. Read the reviews carefully, yes!

1. Teach the meaning of mistakes

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To err is human, and so is experiencing failure. This is a process that will and must be experienced by everyone in the course of his life. Because these two things can provide valuable lessons that allow us to go further.

Therefore, when your child makes a mistake, don’t rush to vent your emotions to scold him. However, children are still in the learning stage so they don’t really understand how to do things properly. The same should be applied when they face failure.

Instead, teach the child that it’s okay to err. However, invite him to think and reflect on his mistakes, lessons learned and how to prevent him from repeating the same mistakes in the future. This is expected to encourage them to dare to take up challenges.

2. Invite children to explore new ideas in solving problems

5 Tips for Instilling a Developmental Mindset in Children, Let's Apply it!family illustration (

Each problem requires a different handling method. Therefore, creativity and good thought out of the box become the main capital in problem solving. To instill this in children, we can do brainstorm together to find solutions to the problems they are facing.

Although we as parents are often tempted to help them solve problems, but give children the opportunity to solve them independently. Encourage him to think of some alternative solutions that might work. Facilitate them with several platforms to find information that is relevant to the problem.

3. Develop resilience in children

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5 Tips for Instilling a Developmental Mindset in Children, Let's Apply it!family illustration ( Fring)

Every cloud has a silver lining. This expression shows that every problem must have a solution. The same is true when children face problems. Parents certainly don’t want them to be stuck in too big a problem because they are worried about the situation.

Though this is useful for developing resilience in children. What is resilience? It is a person’s ability to cope with and adapt to a tough event or problem in life. By having these abilities, children will become more resilient in the future.

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4. Embed that failure can encourage children to develop

5 Tips for Instilling a Developmental Mindset in Children, Let's Apply it!family illustration ( Health Institute)

Remember, nothing is perfect on this earth. Therefore, we will encounter many obstacles and experience failure in life. But actually, through failure, we can learn many things that are needed for the next step.

It’s normal to feel disappointed because you didn’t get what you wanted. But don’t let sadness shackle your child’s feelings. Instead, invite them to learn from failure so that he can become much better next time.

5. Appreciate the process, not the result

5 Tips for Instilling a Developmental Mindset in Children, Let's Apply it!family illustration (

We as parents tend to only praise the results that are inscribed instead of the process they went through. In fact, the process is a much more important aspect than the result. The efforts made by children in achieving a certain goal should not go unnoticed. Because it is the process that will lead the child to glorious results.

Therefore, start appreciating the effort and hard work that children do in achieving the things they want. Unknowingly, this can encourage them to value the process more than just being focused and results-oriented.

Instilling a developing mindset in children is certainly not an easy thing. But we need to always try to implement strategies so that children have growth mindset and managed to reach its maximum potential in the future.

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