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5 Things That Make Infinix INBook X2 Successfully Steal Young People’s Attention

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Not long ago Infinix, a brand that we know often launches smartphones, this time they updated their laptop portfolio. Yes! Infinix has just launched the INBook X2, as the successor to the INBook X1, which was launched last year.

The INBook X2 is a super thin and light laptop device, presented by Infnix to accompany young people with high mobility to stay productive. So what are the attractions that Infinix presents in the INBook X2, here are 5 reasons.

Fresh design, portable and lightweight

The first thing you can see and feel when you hold the INBook X2 is the appearance of a dual matte and brushed metal texture that divides the panel into two parts. Some panels are matte textured and some are brushed metal textured panels.

Even though it is made of all-metal material, the INBook X2 is the lightest laptop in its class, weighing only 1.24 kg. Meanwhile, the thickness of the frame is 1.48 cm. The metal wrapping on the INBook X2 is even more striking with a choice of Red, Green, Gray, and Blue color variants that represent a young soul.

Windows 11 already installed

Having a physical design that looks contemporary, of course, a modern laptop must be accompanied by a modern operating system as well. Obviously, the operating system embedded in a laptop must also be able to support the workflow,
This principle is realized by Infinix by embedding Windows 11 into the INBook X2.

This availability of Windows 11 guarantees the future use of the device and support for the compatibility of the latest programs. Users don’t have to bother waiting for the time-consuming operating system update process and be confused with compatibility issues.

Complete ports connectivity

Technological developments have allowed laptop manufacturers to design devices that are more efficient, more compact, and thinner. Often these advantages sacrifice a number of crucial functions for users, such as eliminating the USB and HDMI ports that are still widely used.

As already mentioned, the INBook X2 does carry a thin and light design, but that doesn’t prevent Infinix from embedding a variety of ports to accompany the user’s daily life. There are 3 USB Type-A for devices such as flash drives and external hard drives.

There’s also versatile 2 USB Type-C support for data and charging; 1 HDMI for external display connection; 1 audio port for headphones and microphone; and a MicroSD Card Reader storage media reader. Users no longer need to worry about carrying additional adapters or dongles for connectivity.

Warranty and service center

In general, laptop devices have a warranty period of 12 months or 1 year. This period is sufficient to ensure the smooth running and optimal performance of the device after being purchased by consumers. However, INBook X2 has a warranty duration of 24 months or 2 years.

The long duration of the warranty period provided by Infinix is ​​expected to provide more peace of mind for users, such as when something unexpected happens or the device doesn’t operate properly. This guarantee is supported by the availability of Infinix Service Center facilities through Carlcare Service.

Currently, there are 120 Service Center (Carlcare Service) service points spread throughout Indonesia. Especially for Infinix users who live in Jakarta, they can enjoy exclusive Carlcare Flagship Service Center outlets at ITC Kuningan which offers premium and fast-paced services.

Affordable prices

Since its presence in Indonesia through smartphones, Infinix has increasingly encouraged and maintained its identity to empower young people through technology at affordable prices. Their laptop line is no exception, the Infinix INBook X2 has a competitive price to compete with in the Indonesian market.

For the initial sales session, aka First Sale, which can be found at JD.ID on January 29, INBook X2 is available starting at a price of Rp. 5,999,000 for the Intel i3 variant. Now! If you are interested in buying the INBook X2 with an Intel i5 or Intel i7 processor, it is sold at a price of Rp. 8,299,000 and Rp. 9,749,000, respectively.

Consumers who are interested in buying this laptop in the First Sale session can access the following link: The quality, design, and price presented make the INBook X2 one of the laptops that are often discussed.

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