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5 Things That Make Frustration in a Relationship

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Do you often feel unhappy in your romantic relationship? If so, then take immediate action so that you don’t feel prolonged frustration due to a relationship that doesn’t bring you happiness. Love relationships in general should be able to bring a lot of laughter and happiness to both parties, both you and your partner.

However, sometimes there are some people who actually get stuck in a love relationship that makes you frustrated and helpless. You can’t feel the love relationship that should bring you peace and comfort. The pressure of maintaining a relationship is getting heavier. This is why it is important for you to understand the following five points.

1. Often feel afraid about something that is not sure

illustration of people feeling scared ( Piacquadio)

Having a romantic relationship is full of puzzles. Heart and logic must be balanced, so that your love story always brings happiness to your heart, both for you and your partner. One of the things that often frustrates you is that you are too afraid of something that is not certain.

For example, you always think too much about the future of your relationship with him. Meanwhile, for today you haven’t finished it yet. Thinking about the future is good, but if it’s excessive and tends to be negative, it can actually make you feel scared yourself. The key is to do your best every day, then your future and his will lead to a positive goal.

2. Don’t listen to your heart

5 Things That Frustrate Your Own Romanceillustration of ignoring conscience ( Greer)

When you feel unhappy, even to the point of being frustrated in a romantic relationship, then try to listen to your inner voice. For various reasons, one of which is because they feel that they really love him, usually many people are willing to lie to him that he is hurt.

If you do this continuously, then surely you will be increasingly frustrated. Therefore, learn to listen to what your heart says. If you feel hurt by him, then be honest with him and discuss to find the best middle ground. Don’t always forgive him, to let him act as he pleases.

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3. Too dependent on a partner

5 Things That Frustrate Your Own Romanceillustration of pinning hope on a partner ( Zimmerman)

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Freedom is something that can make a person feel happy in living his life, including in terms of love. Therefore, learn to be an independent person, because you can get that freedom if you are able to have an independent attitude. That way, you will not always depend on your partner.

If you depend on your partner, then you will be trapped in an unhappy relationship, because it is very likely that your partner will always control you in various ways. If that’s the case, then it’s not peace of mind that you get from this relationship, but a sense of relentless frustration.

4. Always pretend to be happy with the relationship you are in

5 Things That Frustrate Your Own Romanceillustration of not feeling happy in a romantic relationship ( Productions)

It’s okay to please your partner, but remember that you shouldn’t forget your own happiness either. If you feel pressured in the love relationship you are in, then try to find the best solution, consider various things, is this relationship still worth maintaining or vice versa?

Various reasons can make a person experience stress in a relationship. However, there are still many people who hide these feelings. This is what ultimately causes the person to pretend to be happy in the relationship he is in. Trust me, the more you pretend to be happy for him, the more depressed you will be later on.

5. Live a love relationship with always filled with suspicion

5 Things That Frustrate Your Own Romanceillustration of feeling suspicious ( Subiyanto)

This is why trust is an important factor in building a romantic relationship with someone, because if you start to lose trust in your partner, suspicious feelings will always arise in your mind. The act of suspecting your partner will only further complicate the relationship.

Don’t be overly suspicious of your partner. If you continue to do that, then it will have a negative effect on your love relationship. To overcome this, learn to build trust in your partner. Continuing to be suspicious in a relationship, in fact later you will be increasingly frustrated and far from happiness.

For those of you who are currently feeling unhappy in a romantic relationship, then think about the five things above. When you already know what things make you more frustrated in love, then try to avoid them.

A love relationship, ideally it should provide happiness and peace for both parties. However, if it turns out that you don’t get it, then don’t hesitate to take action and decisions. Love yourself first, don’t let yourself be frustrated by a relationship of your own.

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