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5 Things Parents Do to Make Children Feel Appreciated

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Parents have many tasks in life. One of the hardest things, of course, is to make sure your child grows up with lots of love and becomes a person who will be able to provide many benefits in the future.

It should be understood that in the journey of parenting, of course, there are many challenges that often drain energy. However, parents must also understand that children can be disappointed because they feel unappreciated.

In order to prevent serious conflicts between family members, parents should do the following five important things.

1. Realize that parents can make mistakes too

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Keep in mind that it is not only children who can make mistakes, but also parents. If when a child makes a mistake, they are asked to confess and apologize, then this also applies to parents.

Children also have feelings and can know that adults make mistakes too. Therefore, be a wise parent and dare to admit mistakes made to children so that they feel appreciated.

2. Always be a good listener

5 Things Parents Should Do to Make Children Feel Appreciatedparenting illustration ( Fairytale)

Along with growth and development, children will experience various life events that can make mood swings. Sometimes it can be happy, but also suddenly sad.

At times like this, the role of parents is very important. Children need someone who can listen to every life event they experience. Listen to what they have to say. Provide validation for each feeling they are experiencing so that children believe that they are valuable.

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3. Give the child the opportunity to argue

5 Things Parents Should Do to Make Children Feel Appreciatedillustration of advising children ( Grabowska)

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Dealing with children, especially those who are starting to enter their teens, will certainly drain a lot of energy. At that age, children begin to show their resistance to various things that they feel are not suitable. This is a natural thing to happen in this phase.

As a parent, don’t be surprised if your child begins to find it difficult to obey every command. Teenagers begin to have thoughts to make their own choices.

Now, instead of fighting because the child is difficult to manage, parents should give the child the opportunity to express his opinion. In this way, both parents and children can understand each other’s heart.

4. Do not force the will on the child

5 Things Parents Should Do to Make Children Feel Appreciatedillustration of advising children (

Children who grow up will certainly have the ability to make their own decisions. They have learned a lot from their parents, peers, other people around them, or even experienced some important things that can change their perception of something.

Therefore, it is important for parents not to impose their will on their children. Do not let children bear a heavy burden due to the wishes of their parents that they cannot actually carry out.

If parents feel that their child is still making a mistake, it’s a good idea to continue to provide guidance and direction. However, the decision remains in the hands of the child because they will undergo that choice.

5. Always support and wish the best

5 Things Parents Should Do to Make Children Feel Appreciatedillustration of mother and daughter cooking together ( Fairytale)

Last but not least, parents must always support whatever life choices their children make as long as they are positive. Parents should be encouraged if children have different choices because every child is unique.

Pray for the best so that they are always given ease and smoothness in carrying out their lives. In this way, children will be happy because they feel they get high appreciation from their parents.

Being a parent is not an easy thing. It takes maturity, wisdom, and generosity in the process of raising and educating children. Therefore, parents should also always learn so that they can grow with their children and become a great family.

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