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5 The Importance of Consistency in Work

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One of the obstacles in working consistently is mood– yourself. If you’re not mood, felt unable to do anything else. Even the commitment to complete the half-finished works was weakened.

The problem is, if you always lose by mood-mu, most likely you will forever stop working. Mood it must be built so that your consistency in your work is always maintained.

Here are five reasons why maintaining consistency in your work is important. Get ready to continue your abandoned project, huh!

1. If you stop, it will be difficult to start again

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Well, you must have experienced it yourself. At first, you stopped just to rest. However, over time your vacuum continues to lengthen.

Until you don’t know how to get back to work anymore. Your mind is frozen and you can’t come up with ideas. Even if you have an idea, it doesn’t seem like one is worth executing.

In fact, it’s actually nothing more than your feelings. All ideas can still be turned into works. With a note that you are not in a hurry to be pessimistic about the results later.

2. Consistently work together by continuing to practice

5 The Importance of Consistency in Work, the Mood Must Be Builtillustration of writing ( Lusina)

Exercise is important. You can see the importance of training in world athletes. Repeatedly winning the championship alone does not make them stop practicing.

That is, the more you feel that your work is not enough, the more you have to be diligent in your work. That’s how you train yourself. It’s natural, if sometimes you feel tired or don’t make significant progress.

However, seeing the results of the exercise can’t be done from day to day. The progress will only become clear if you consistently work from year to year. So, don’t stop, OK!

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3. The opportunity to earn enough income from your work is great

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5 The Importance of Consistency in Work, the Mood Must Be Builtillustration focused on work (

Cuan things that don’t immediately follow the work are one of the things that lower your spirits. Right? This is experienced by many people, really. Not a few of them finally chose to swerve.

The question is, have you been consistent in your work over the years? If it’s still a matter of months let alone weeks, don’t be surprised if the results are still far from your dream.

by skills maybe you’re still lacking. Again, this is not a signal for you to stop. Instead, you have to keep going until you get the desired income from your works. Anyway, don’t give up before the maximum amount!

4. As a soul calling, doing it gives inner satisfaction

5 The Importance of Consistency in Work, the Mood Must Be Builtillustration of working outdoors ( Tai)

When you are tired of working and the results don’t match your expectations, you definitely feel that quitting is the best thing. However, if work becomes your soul’s calling, one day you will regret it.

The reason is, quitting your job turns out to be more torturing for you. Your life satisfaction decreases and you feel jealous of people who are persistent in their work. Turns out, not everything in this world is about money, right?

5. Instead of being tired of explaining yourself, let people get to know you through your works

5 The Importance of Consistency in Work, the Mood Must Be Builtillustration focused on work ( Milton)

Everyone actually has a need to be known by others. It’s not just a name, address, or anyone’s family. But also the way he views things, his abilities, likes and dislikes, and much more.

When you’re going to explain that much to other people, no one wants to hear it. It’s too long and maybe you’re just talking. However, if you have many works, almost everything about yourself has become the soul of that work.

You no longer need to bother defining yourself. Other people are also more comfortable because their work can be enjoyed or used. Your work is an explanation of who you are in the most concise and useful way.

Talking about consistency in your work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel tired, bored, and take breaks. Consistent work is as simple as you keep producing work regularly and not stopping completely or only working when you want.

In consistency there is discipline and a sense of responsibility for whatever is done. So, wait mood suitable for work is not the way to build consistency. Not infrequently you really have to force yourself.

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