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5 taboos when you are in disagreement

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Living as social beings, you must have communicated with each other. However, in reality maintaining communication so that it remains harmonious is also difficult and easy. At certain times you often have disagreements or opinions, whether it’s related to trivial or important things.

Being in such a situation, of course you have to be able to control your emotions. Do not let a speck of a small problem in the end widen and spread everywhere. If this were to happen, of course, the hostility would be sharpened. If you’re in that situation, here are five taboos when you’re having a disagreement.

1. Spreading disgrace

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Having disagreements and opinions with other people does sound annoying. Just because a speck of problems in the end actually trigger feelings of mutual hatred for each other. In fact, it is not uncommon for this mutual hatred to lead to various bad behaviors that can harm each other.

Being in a situation of disagreement, the taboo that must always be remembered is not to spread disgrace, especially when it comes to matters of privacy. However, that is not a wise attitude. Instead of the problem getting resolved, the dispute is actually getting sharper.

2. Slander

5 taboos when you are in disagreement, you must always remember!  blame illustration ( Krukov)

Differences of opinion with the people around you make you feel embarrassed and get carried away by emotions. Especially if you are in disagreement with someone who is stubborn and wants to be on his own. As a result of being dissolved in feelings of hatred, in the end you even spread slander to each other.

This attitude, although it sounds trivial, is also a taboo that must be avoided, you know. Surely you have heard the statement that slander is more cruel than murder. Because a line of slander is being spread, it is not impossible if your actions actually trigger new problems.

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3. Respond with violence

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5 taboos when you are in disagreement, you must always remember!  fight illustration ( Burton)

Engaged in conflicts and disputes, often uncontrolled emotions drive you to do more. One of them is taking a violent attitude. Not infrequently you will get into fights and even fights with the aim of showing who is the most correct.

Please note, violence is one of the taboos that you must remember carefully when you are having a disagreement with other people. Don’t just because you obey your emotions, you end up being ignited to take harmful actions. After all, it will be you who will feel the impact later.

4. Invite others to get involved

5 taboos when you are in disagreement, you must always remember!  illustration of gathering friends (

Dealing with disputes and differences of opinion is indeed annoying and ignites anger. When you are at the limit of your patience, you unconsciously involve people around you with the aim of showing that you are not alone. This is the wrong decision though.

Inviting other people to get involved in the dispute you are facing is the same as opening up opportunities to widen the problem. Even as a result of your decision, it could even lead to new problems that are more complicated to solve.

5. The prestige of apologizing to each other

5 taboos when you are in disagreement, you must always remember!  hostile illustration ( Summer)

Surely you have often heard advice about the importance of forgiving one another. Apologies can’t undo what happened. However, this can actually be a silencer so that what is happening does not drag on in the long term.

The prestige of apologizing is one of the taboos when you are in disagreement with other people, you know. As a result of mutual prestige in apologizing, the conflict actually widened and even involved many people which in the end caused mutual losses.

Disagreements and opinions are indeed one of the risks when you are communicating with other people. If you are currently involved in disputes and differences of opinion, remember the five taboos above, yes!

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