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5 Sources of Your Peace in Living Life

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The calm in question is not a stable condition. It’s humane if sometimes you still feel anxious and become impatient in facing or waiting for something that is your hope.

It’s just that it doesn’t take you long to stabilize your turbulent emotions. Your calm will return soon. Here are a series of inspirations that you can do to be able to reach this phase of life!

Check out the inspiration below, OK!

1. You understand that life is a process. So, what’s the hurry?

illustration of waiting for a train ( Melnychuck)

There are things that can be accelerated by your persistence and ingenuity in trying. Just like a person who has better running ability will likely make it to the line finish faster too.

Even so, running as fast as possible is not the same as flying or disappearing. Reach the line finish it still takes time so always rushing is not a useful attitude.

In fact, not infrequently just spend your energy without the results in line with expectations. Therefore, it is better to keep yourself from getting tired while believing that you will still arrive at your best destiny.

2. You don’t overdo it and put pressure on yourself. The important thing is to try

5 Sources of Your Peace in Living Life, Understand the Processillustration of a working man ( Nilov)

Being aware of the processes in life and your need to be patient doesn’t mean you’re being too relaxed. You keep trying to do whatever you can, but don’t push yourself too hard.

You don’t want to spoil yourself. However, in self-discipline, you still pay attention to the limits of your abilities both physically and psychologically. The best struggle can only be done if you are physically and psychologically in prime condition.

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3. You don’t thirst for the admiration of others

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5 Sources of Your Peace in Living Life, Understand the Processillustration of a man ( wendt)

It’s normal for humans to feel good about being admired by others. The admiration of others makes them feel loved, accepted, and recognized for their existence.

However, the thirst for the admiration of others is already unhealthy. Because it only encourages you to continue to be the center of their attention.

An endless job and often ends in disappointment when the admiration you get doesn’t match your expectations. Luckily, you are very relaxed about this. You appreciate other people’s admiration for you without needing to intentionally create it in any way.

4. You make the most of today with what you already have

5 Sources of Your Peace in Living Life, Understand the Processillustration of a woman enjoying her job ( Blomkvist)

What do you really have besides today and all you have now? The past seems to be yours too. However, if you can’t go back there let alone fix it, then it’s not yours anymore.

You’ve even forgotten most of it, right? Especially with everything in the future that has never happened. Of course you have to strive for the best future, but while maintaining the awareness that everything will not necessarily come true.

By making the most of today and capitalizing on what you clearly have now, you can live life more realistically. You progress step by step; not try to jump over the abyss.

5. You learn not to regret or be angry at anything that happened

5 Sources of Your Peace in Living Life, Understand the Processangry man illustration ( Melnychuck)

Pay attention to the word “study”. This word implies that there are times when you are also hit by regret or anger that feels almost bursting your chest due to a bad event.

However, you do not let these two things control you. Especially in a long time. You learn to suppress it until your clear mind returns.

To get peace like this, it is as if you are imprisoned all your life. There will always be a test to knock you down in anxiety and haste. However, by returning to the sources of calm above, you will be able to overcome the test. Hopefully inspired, yes!

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