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5 Soundtracks of Our Beloved Summer It’s Not Enough Listening Once!

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The weather again supports listening to sad and upset songs. Which, if you think about it, a lot of Our Beloved Summer soundtracks have that nuance. These five songs definitely won’t be enough to listen to just once!

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Sam Kim – Summer Rain


The acoustic nuance in this song plus Sam Kim’s soft voice is hard to ignore. Listening to this song on a rainy day feels very suitable and supports the melancholy and sad atmosphere. So remember how the ups and downs of Yeon Su and Choi Ung’s relationship in the drama Our Beloved Summer.

BIBI – Maybe If


BIBI debuted in 2019 after senior hip hop singer Yoon Mi Rae saw her music production talent. The owner of the real name Kim Hyung Seo immediately became a singer who was reckoned with thanks to the uniqueness of his vocals and the collaborative performances and soundtracks of Korean dramas that he sang.

BIBI sings Maybe If for Our Beloved Summer, the soundtrack for the character Kook Yeon Su. This song is the soundtrack of a Korean drama from BIBI which successfully reached the highest position of #21 on the Gaon Chart.

10CM – Drawer


10CM is a veteran in the indie music industry before they finally sold well and were hired to fill in various popular Korean drama soundtracks. The sweet moments between Yeon Su and Choi Ung in Our Beloved Summer became even more colorful with the accompaniment of Kwon Jung Yeol’s voice in the song called Drawer.

10CM debuted in 2010 and immediately caught the attention of the South Korean indie music scene with the release of Americano. Debuted as a duo group, now only 10CM is left of Kwon Jung Yeol after Yoon Cheol Jong resigned.

V BTS – Christmas Tree


Kim Kyunghee composed the Christmas Tree song sung by V BTS and immediately became the favorite soundtrack throughout the Korean drama Our Beloved Summer. The performance of this song is also fairly steady on domestic and international music charts.

V’s involvement in singing the soundtrack of Our Beloved Summer certainly cannot be separated from his close relationship with Choi Woo Shik, the main character. This song is also the theme of Choi Ung’s character in the drama.

Jang Beom June – I Will Make You Happy


Since his debut with Busker Busker, Jang Beom June has been recognized as one of the most popular singers and writers running indie, rock, and folk. The songs always attract attention and grab a place on the music charts with the guitar melodies that are always distinctive and domineering.

Jang Beom June’s identity is felt in the song I Will Make You Happy which he sang for Our Beloved Summer. He wrote the lyrics and music himself.

So far, which one is your favourite?


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