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5 Soloists Newcomers Most Stealing Attention in Indonesia in 2020

  • Share, Jakarta The year 2020 has so far still had a significant impact on the music industry. However, the birth of a new regeneration brings fresh air with its various potentials.

Many young singers are starting to appear and their works are liked by the Indonesian people. Starting from dropping out of talent search events to new names that are starting to become a conversation.

Who are you? young singer a shining newcomer in 2020? Here’s the full review.

Rose de Jongh

Formerly known as a soap opera and film star, Mawar de Jongh tried his luck in the music world. The decision proved right, when the song began to be loved by music lovers.

More Than Egoku became the single that brought Mawar’s music career soaring. After that, the song Medium Sayang-Sayangnya also reaped success and made him steady in pursuing the world of acting and music at the same time.

Tiara Andini

Finishing as runner-up for the tenth season of Indonesian Idol, Tiara Andini has strong capital as a soloist. His fan base is loyal and actively supportive.

It was proven when he released the single Gemintang Hatiku until I’m Sorry #TerlanjurMencinta, his songs always occupy trending videos. It is not impossible that he will follow the success of his seniors like Andmesh and Marion Jola.


A song called Pura Pura Lupa became a stepping stone for Mahen, a singer who is now 23 years old. Formerly known as a celebgram, he has now joined a national music label to pursue a musical career.

Most recently, Mahen released Luka Yang Kurindu, his newest single in July 2020. The music video has now been viewed more than 8.4 million times on YouTube.


Still from the talent search event, Lyodra is also quite consistent in his work. The champion of Indonesian Idol X has released several singles, including About You which colored the month of July.

Lyodra has a unique voice color, and his vocal technique is unquestionable. From the works of Yovie Widianto to Laleilmanino, he was able to perform very well.

Arsy Widianto

Yovie Widianto’s success in raising Kahitna and Yovie Nuno continues to be a talent that is his own child. With the direction of his father, Arsy started his career brilliantly, especially when a duet song with Brisia Jodie came to the fore.

Having started his career in the last two years, Arsy also has many fans. His songs are loved by many fans, especially those with ballad nuances.

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