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5 Similarities Aura CEO Ahn Hyo-Seop Business Proposal with Park Seo-Joon Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim | SINDOnews

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5 Similarities Aura CEO Ahn Hyo-Seop Business Proposal with Park Seo-Joon What's Wrong with Secretary Kim
Ahn Hyo-seop’s character in Business Proposal has several similarities to Park Seo-joon in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Photo/tvN, SBS

Ahn Hyo-Seop’s role as Kang Tae-mu in Korean dramaBusiness Proposal reminds viewers of the role of company vice president Lee Young-joon played by Park Seo-joon in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

This is because the two characters have some things in common that are hard to deny. What are the similarities, here are the reviews.

1. Equally Important People in the Company

Photo: SBS

Kang Tae-mu just took over as CEO after being promoted by his company. Meanwhile, Lee Young-joon is the vice president of his company who is very powerful and can easily command the people around him.

2. Both Become Handsome Bosses

Photo: tvN

This, of course, is clear from the physical appearance of Ahn Hyo-seop and Park Seo-joon. With a black suit and neatly arranged hair as the typical makeup of a CEO, the two of them look even more handsome. Plus the ideal body posture, they look more manly and make the audience feel at home watching the drama.

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3. They’re both cold, but in fact they’re bucin

Photo: tvN

Lee Young-joon was initially described as very cold and indifferent to the beautiful women around him. But after getting closer to his secretary, he became bucin.

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-mu is also a cold person towards women, and he has just started a relationship with Shin Ha-ri. Although I don’t know how much bucin he’s on Ha-ri, but remembers Business Proposal is a romantic drama, then it’s certain that the two will be with each other bucin.

4. Both fall in love with their subordinates

Photo: SBS

Lee Young-joon falls in love with his secretary, while Kang Tae-mu is unaware that he is in a relationship with his subordinate at the company, Ha-ri. Of course this boss-staff relationship displays more or less the same dynamics in the drama.

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5. Both are Arrogant and Narcissistic

Photo: tvN

As successful and handsome young men, Lee Young-joon and Kang Tae-mu grew up as narcissistic and arrogant characters. They make those around them amazed and annoyed with their annoying behavior.

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