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5 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is something that is actually as important as intellectual intelligence. Without emotional intelligence, we will only be people with high temperament and very annoying to others.

Emotional intelligence is able to make us a wiser and mature person. Just as intellectual intelligence needs to be continuously honed, emotional intelligence also needs to be honed. Here are five signs that indicate that your emotional intelligence is quite high. Where are you really?

1. You can clearly distinguish every emotion you feel

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Whatever emotions are present in your life, you can distinguish them clearly. This is the first sign that your emotional intelligence is quite high. You don’t confuse anger as sadness or disappointment as distress.

Emotions that arise for any reason can be detected before it’s too late. Because, just a little late these emotions can swell and even harm yourself.

2. Don’t hold it in, you always know the right way to channel it

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Emotionally intelligent people also know very well that holding back emotions will only have a bad impact on mental health. Hence, they never deny or hide their emotions. Instead they know very well the right way to distribute it.

They always believe that their emotions are valid and not to be suppressed. Especially if it is a negative emotion that should be channeled in its own way.

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3. You always have complete control over the various emotions that are present

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5 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence, Don't Get Out of Control!illustration of emotion ( Summer)

Emotionally intelligent will also make us have full control over existing emotions. Many people get out of control when they are angry. But emotionally intelligent people will not behave like this.

They know very well how to control themselves so they don’t regret their actions. Whatever emotions come and be present in you, an intelligent person must be well aware that everything must be under his control. Not the other way around.

4. All your actions and words never get out of control even when you’re angry

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Even when angry and emotionally turbulent, emotionally intelligent people never get out of control. He always controls all his actions and words so he doesn’t easily hurt other people. So, there will be no regrets in the future because of the lack of ability to control emotions.

Plus, they are very strict with themselves when it comes to emotional issues. Anyway, there is no story that emotions will make them trapped in uncomfortable situations with other people.

5. Emotions don’t automatically make you a scapegoat every time you make a mistake

5 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence, Don't Get Out of Control!illustration of people resisting ( Production)

Emotionally intelligent will also make us people who are well aware that various emotions are present not to be scapegoated. By reason of mistake and being emotional, a lot of people act recklessly when they are angry. As a result, they hide behind these uncontrolled emotions.

However, someone with a sufficiently high emotional intelligence would never do this. Instead, they will not be influenced to do actions that will be regretted even though they are emotional.

Must be trained often, emotional intelligence is actually quite important in our provision to live life. So that you don’t become a person who is easily emotional and shunned by others. Have you trained your emotional intelligence yet?

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