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5 Rules when Making Friends, Be Careful in Joking!

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Destined as social beings, humans always need other people. In the smallest business, you definitely need someone else. However, interacting with people cannot be done carelessly, especially if you hang out without rules.

Interacting with people around there is still a series of polite arrangements that need to be considered. Including when you are interacting with friends who are really close though.

1. Avoid showing off

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As social beings, our lives cannot be separated from the people around us, including our friends. It can be said that the existence of friends gives its own color in the life you live. However, the challenges in getting along with friends also vary.

One of the rules that you must remember when you are friends is to stay away from showing off. If you are in such a circle of friends, try not to get involved. After all, the habit of showing off will bring harm to oneself.

2. Be careful when you’re joking

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Interacting within the scope of friendship, joking is already familiar. This is a simple way to increase intimacy as well as get rid of the burden of thinking. However, joking also has its limits, you know.

The rules in making friends to remember are related to being careful in joking. As much as possible avoid jokes that involve physical, privacy, or other sensitive matters. Do not let the desire to temporarily relieve the burden of thought triggers hostility.

3. Don’t maintain a culture of exclusion

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The habit of isolating is still quite easy to find in the circle of friends. Due to incompatible thoughts, mismatched characters, or differences in other things, eventually lead to rifts in friendship relationships.

This is certainly an important rule that must be remembered so that the bond of friendship is maintained. As we know, isolating is not a wise attitude. Don’t let the close bonds of friendship fade just because of the culture.

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4. Respect each other’s differences

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Interacting with friends should be able to respect each other’s differences. However, in reality there are still those who do not understand this by forcing their own will. They make a determination that those around them must follow their version of the truth.

Appreciating the differences between each other is certainly a friendship rule that must always be remembered. Wherever you are, there is always a difference. Differences are not something that should be disputed, but a diversity of principles and ideas that should be respected and respected.

5. Avoid gossip culture

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Gossiping has become a familiar thing in the surrounding environment. It feels so good to skin the ugliness of friends who are not currently in front of us. In fact, even gossiping all day feels like it’s still a while.

Avoiding the gossip culture is a rule in friendship that must always be remembered. Gossip is a culture that can break the bonds of friendship. Maybe right now you are gossiping about someone’s badness, but it’s not impossible if one day your badness is used as gossip material.

In making friends, of course we will establish interaction with each other. Even so, communicating with friends also has an order, you know. So that the bond of friendship is maintained, remember the five rules above, OK!

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