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5 Rookie Cops Korean Drama Messages, One of them Dare to Change for the Better |

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Rookie Cops (Disney+Hotstar)
Rookie Cops (Disney+Hotstar) – Disney+ Hotstar’s original Korean drama ‘Rookie Cops’ is currently one of the most popular K-dramas around the world. Featuring Kang Daniel, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Shin Young, Park Yoona, Park Seong Jun, Min Do Hee, Kim Woo Seok, and Cheon Young Min, this drama tells the story of a fun and twisty Korean National Police University police academy student. to achieve their dreams.

Just released episodes 9 and 10 this week, ‘Rookie Cops’ is a drama that is not only entertaining but also contains a lot of warm messages in it. This is the hallmark of a drama written by screenwriter Lee Ha Na. Anything? Following order Korean drama Rookie Cops.

1. Loyal Friend

Rookie Cops (Disney+Hotstar)

Eight new students who have different backgrounds but remain one. Chemistry every character is very strong, not only love line between the main characters, but also with friends around.

Whenever there are friends who feel trouble or face problems, they will quickly help each other.

Even one of the characters Go Eun Kang played by Chae Soo Bin is a person who can’t stop trusting other people. The reason, he believes every human being has a good side. Therefore, he did not hesitate to give a second chance to his friend even though he had been hurt.

2. Willingness to Change for the Better

Rookie Cops (Disney+Hotstar)

Every human being does not always do good things. There are times when the bad side appears. Through the drama ‘Rookie Cops’, it is conveyed that there is time to change everything back to the way it was, as long as there is a will.

The character Ki Han Na, played by Park Yoo Na, is a character that is quite annoying at the beginning of the episode because of his rude, selfish, and dishonest attitude. As a result, he accidentally hurts Go Eun Kang and the other students at the academy. Although at the beginning the relationship between the two was not good which made a cold war, but in the end Ki Han Na dared to make changes and re-opened himself to be able to make friends with others.

3. Never Give Up

Rookie Cops (Disney+Hotstar)

The unyielding attitude of the characters can also be seen through this drama directed by Kim Byun Soo. Even though they keep getting trials or unfair things, Go Eun Kang and his friends don’t give up. They work together to find a way out. It doesn’t matter how big the problem is, as long as you have faith and willpower it will definitely be resolved.

4. Quickly Move-on and Dare to Express Feelings

Rookie Cops (Disney+Hotstar)

Go Eun Kang entered the police academy just to chase crushher, Kang Joo Chan, played by Park Yeon Woo.

However, when he finds out that the person he likes already has a girlfriend, Eun Kang is not selfish. He dared to express his feelings which made him relieved and direct move-on of the senior.

In addition, there are also characters Wi Seung Hyun and Kim Tak (Lee Shin Young) who also dare to express their feelings to the people they like.

5. Trust each other

Rookie Cops (Disney + Hotstar)

In a relationship, be it a friendship or a partner, you must put trust in each other, which will be the key to avoiding misunderstandings. Several scenes in ‘Rookie Cops’ show the power of trust in each other which leads them to problem solving.

So those are the five messages that can be picked up in the Korean drama ‘Rookie Cops’. ‘Rookie Cops’ has been available to watch since January 26, 2022, this drama airs on Disney+ Hoststar every Wednesday with two episodes per week. Do not miss!

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