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5 Recommended Stories of Tough Women

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Shows that show strong, opinionated, and courageous women are always interesting to follow because they can inspire. Their struggle in facing life’s challenges can provide valuable lessons that we can apply in everyday life. The five Netflix shows below feature female characters who are not only great, but also touch the heart through their stories.

A World Without

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Directed by Nia Dinata, this film carries the theme of female empowerment which is very strong and carries important life lessons for the younger generation. In 2030, three teenage girls decide to join a mysterious organization called The Light in hopes of finding the best version of themselves. But when this organization begins to show its dark side, they have no other choice but to flee. A World Without teaches young women to find the strength from within to determine the best way of life.

The King’s Affection

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The currently airing Korean series tells the story of a woman named Yi Hwi (Park Eun-bin) who must disguise herself as the crown prince to replace her twin brother who has died. Yi Hwi who has grown up also bears the loneliness of having to hide his true identity. Follow Yi Hwi’s tenacity in the face of royal political intrigue and his heartwarming story in The King’s Affection, airing every Monday and Tuesday on Netflix.


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Based on the best-selling memoir Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive by Stephanie Land, MAID tells the story of a single mother named Alex (Margaret Qualley) who works as a janitor to support her life with her daughter. In addition, he also had to fight to win custody of his child in court. This series clearly depicts the determination and tenacity of a mother who tries to survive in the midst of life’s various pressures.

My Name

strong woman

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After appearing in third person on The World of the Married and a distraught art student in Nevertheless, acclaimed actress Han So-hee transformed into a tough woman in My Name. In this series, she plays the role of Jiwoo (Han So-hee), a woman who is determined to avenge her father’s death by joining a criminal organization and becoming a spy in the police force. He bravely tries to uncover the truth and face his opponents one by one alone, which further confirms the toughness of his personality and convictions.

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Other female heroes can also be found in Kate’s action films. As a hit man, Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) tries to hunt down the culprit who poisoned her. With less than 24 hours to live, Kate must rack her brains quickly while battling enemies alone. With her body getting weaker as time goes by, you will be amazed by the prowess of Kate’s action, as well as excited as if being chased by time!

Which character is your favourite? Watch it all, only on Netflix.

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