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5 Recommendations for the Hottest Leonardo Dicaprio Movie, Not Titanic!

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PeekCeleb – Leonardo Dicaprio’s film will surely remind you of his acting as Jack in a tragic romantic film on a ship, Titanic.

If so, then you are not wrong in remembering the Leonardo Dicaprio film. The reason is, Leonardo Dicaprio has skyrocketed in popularity after playing in films Titanic. A romantic and tragic story that became the hit film of all time and also earned the biggest revenue at that time.

According to the production period, Titanic indeed the most expensive film ever made because it grossed around 200 million US dollars. Titanic itself was nominated for 14 Academy Awards and won 11 prestigious awards in the world of cinema.

Even the soundtrack ‘My Heart Will Go On’ yasung by Celine Dion can stimulate the memory of the film. Even so, many of Leonardo Dicaprio’s films were hits, apparently other than Titanic.

The actor who was born on November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California, before playing in the film Titanic, has actually played a classic romance role that also makes you baper.

What do you think Leonardo Dicaprio’s films were hits besides Titanic with an exciting storyline that makes you satisfied with his acting skills? Curious? Do not worry.

Peek Celebrity will summarize the most popular Leonardo Dicaprio films besides Titanic for you to watch, bestie. Just go below to know the full article. Check it out for the hottest Leonardo Dicaprio movies, scroll down!

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