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5 Recommendations for Canggu Bali Lodging Under IDR 300 Thousand

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The Island of the Gods never stops offering unforgettable holiday experiences. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the appeal Work from Bali or WFBsanter heard in cyberspace.

Even though you are at the inn all day, the feel of the holiday is still felt and makes you feel happy. Therefore, it is very important to choose lodging that is unique, comfortable, but still safe in the pocket. So, no problem, okif you stay for a long time.

Instead of being curious, take a peek accommodation recommendations low-budget in Canggu Bali the following prices are below Rp. 300 thousand, come on!

1. Villa Central Canggu

5 Lodgings for Under 300K in Canggu Bali for an Exciting

With prices starting at IDR 285 thousand, you can stay in a room that directly serves the swimming pool in front of it. What’s more, the location of this villa is in the middle of the Canggu area, so it’s not difficult to access various surrounding facilities. In fact, this villa is only 1 KM from Batu Bolong Beach.

Unlike villas in Bali in general, the design of this villa tends to be minimalist with a white domination clean. The bathroom is also very comfortable, because it is very spacious and looks warm.

This villa is located on Jalan Subak Canggu, Canggu, North Kuta, Bali.

2. Canggu Kutus Kubu

5 Lodgings for Under 300K in Canggu Bali for an Exciting

You go to Bali while solo travel? Canggu Kutus Kubu fit, here, to be your stopover.

Priced from IDR 150 thousand per night, Kubu Kutus Canggu offers the sensation of staying with complete facilities ranging from a swimming pool, front terrace to your room, and even a bar you can enjoy here.

The location is also close to Pererenan Beach, Seseh Beach and Echo Beach. If you have budget What’s more, you can even book a room with a stunning sea view.

This hotel is located in Pererenan, Mengwi, Badung, Bali.

3. Escotel Jalan Residence

5 Lodgings for Under 300K in Canggu Bali for an Exciting

A call to aesthetic building lovers! Escotel Canggu can be the right choice for your accommodation when traveling to Bali, here. How not, the tropical design with the addition of cacti and other plants makes this place look swag to take pictures.

The attraction does not stop there. Each room is equipped with a bathroom semi-outdoor which is a unique design. Get excited for a bath okthe main thing is!

Even though the room no so spacious, but still comfortable for two people. The price is also very affordable, which is only Rp. 150 thousand per night.

This hotel is located on Jalan Raya Semat, Gang Jalan X No. 3b, Tibubeneng, Canggu, North Kuta, Bali.

4. Canggu Wooden Green Paradise

5 Lodgings for Under 300K in Canggu Bali for an Exciting

As the name implies, Canggu Wooden Garden carries a wood theme which can be seen from the building materials, goods, and ornaments in the villa. The concept is like a bungalow complete with a large terrace in front of the room.

By spending Rp. 200 thousand, you have the opportunity to stay in a room that is spacious and comfortable. Here there are several types of rooms that offer two types of views, namely the garden and the pool. The atmosphere is guaranteed to be beautiful because it faces directly into the rice fields.

This villa is in Br. Crossroads, Jl. Sahadewa, Munggu, Mengwi, Badung, Bali.

5. Canggu’s Lush Hotel

5 Lodgings for Under 300K in Canggu Bali for an Exciting | |

Combining modern and tropical minimalist concepts, Hotel Rimbun is clear no not to be missed for those of you who crave lodging that blends with nature. Even so, the atmosphere of the room feels homey thanks to the use of wood and warm lighting.

The hotel is also overgrown with many lush trees that create a beautiful impression for tourists. Unmitigated, a swimming pool that looks like infinity pool directly facing the wilderness that makes you addicted.

Don’t worry about the price, because the cost per night is only around IDR 222 thousand per night.

This hotel is located on Jl. Batu Bolong Beach, No. 55, Canggu, North Kuta, Bali.

Holiday to Bali no will make your pocket break as long as you are good at finding accommodation at a cost affordable. Because, there are many inns hidden gems on the Island of the Gods which offers the sensation of a comfortable stay, but at an affordable price.

So, which Canggu Bali inn will you visit first?

Disclaimer: this article has been published on the page with the title “5 Lodging Under 300 Thousand in Canggu Bali for a Fun Staycation” written by Nadhifa Aulia Arnesya

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