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5 Reasons You Don’t Need a Girlfriend Who Just Gives Hope

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This makes perfect sense when you’ve been dating for a long time and want to explore a more serious relationship, namely marriage. Unfortunately, even though he has conveyed this desire several times to his partner, there is still no certainty.

His half-hearted response when talking about the future inevitably makes you doubt whether he is serious about continuing this relationship or not. Well, instead of you continuing to be full of hope without any certainty, here are some reasons why you don’t have to wait for a boyfriend who acts like that. Let’s take a look!

1. The lack of certainty could be evidence of a questionable commitment

couple illustration ( Danilyuk)

Stepping onto the aisle is not an easy thing. There are many responsibilities that cannot be underestimated so you must be prepared properly before you dare to decide to get married.

If this is a factor for your boyfriend’s consideration, for example, he doesn’t want to get married because he’s currently preparing the financial aspect, then there’s no problem. However, if there is no clear reason but he only promises later, then it could be a sign that your partner is not committed to continuing your relationship to the level of marriage.

2. Continuing to wait for it is just a waste of time

5 Reasons You Don't Have to Wait for a Boyfriend Who Just Gives Hopeillustration of woman without a smile ( Mion)

Continuing to wait for it without any clarity is the same as wasting the time you have. Everyone has the right, really, to have timeline his own life. If you really want to build a family, but your boyfriend doesn’t have the same frequency, then maybe this is a sign that he’s not the right match for you.

About marriage is a mystery. It doesn’t guarantee that years of dating will pass the aisle. Instead of waiting for him to be uncertain, it’s better to end it. At least that will open the door to the presence of another figure who may indeed be the mate that God has prepared for you.

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3. You deserve to be appreciated for the various sacrifices so far

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5 Reasons You Don't Have to Wait for a Boyfriend Who Just Gives Hopecouple illustration ( Winstead)

Not wanting to be selfish, but there’s nothing wrong with that, right, after the many ups and downs you’ve been through, you hope to be able to navigate the household ark with him? However, his easy-going attitude couldn’t help but hurt you.

It is undeniable that his temperament makes you feel unappreciated for the various sacrifices you have made. It’s as if in this relationship you’re the only one who really takes it seriously.

4. What is spoken is different from reality

5 Reasons You Don't Have to Wait for a Boyfriend Who Just Gives HopeAngry illustration ( Zvyagintsev)

At first you believed that he needed time because he wanted to prepare financially first. However, between what is said is very different from the behavior shown.

He said he wanted to prepare for the wedding expenses, but his extravagant behavior still hasn’t been treated. How do you want to save for wedding preparations if your salary is always used up for crazy shopping? From here it’s already done red flags if he doesn’t really respond to your desire to get married soon.

5. You don’t deserve to beg for love

5 Reasons You Don't Have to Wait for a Boyfriend Who Just Gives Hopeillustration of a couple fighting ( Burton)

Not once or twice have you expressed your intention to continue your courtship to the next level, namely marriage. However, so far this hope has not been realized.

You’re not a beggar for love, and if he’s a good partner it shouldn’t make you keep demanding. His attitude that tends to be indifferent could be the reason that he is not worth fighting for. This can be a strong signal that your relationship is out of balance. You deserve a partner who is both willing to fight.

Hopefully with the description above can make you aware not to continue wasting time on a boyfriend who can only give hope. Aren’t you tired of constantly waiting for confirmation from him?

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