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5 Reasons You Don’t Have a Home When You Get Married Not a Mistake

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Many people think that before marriage, every couple must have a house first. According to them, this can make the family more harmonious because there is no interference from other people in the house. It’s actually not to blame but you have to look at it from another point of view.

Not always having a house before marriage is mandatory. This can be compared to the needs and realities that you are currently facing. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to get married even if you don’t have a home.

1. You can still rent a house for shelter with your partner

couple illustration ( Subiyanto)

Buying a house is indeed a difficult thing for millennials. However, if you want to have a place to shelter after marriage, renting a house is one of the best ways. It’s fine for now if you decide to contract.

Chances are you are required to spend Rp 20 million-Rp 40 million per year. This kind of thing is certainly not a problem for a small family like yours. Have you thought about trying it? If not, think again about this because it became one of the best decisions.

2. A house is a thing that costs hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah

5 Reasons You Don't Have a Home When You Get Married It's Not A Wrong Thinghouse illustration (

For now, the price of the house could touch hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah. Just imagine if your current salary is only around IDR 5 million per month. For more than a dozen years you have to save to buy a house. As a result, you will not immediately marry the idol of your heart.

That way, you must have a more realistic mindset before deciding to buy a house first before getting married. Believe me, that later there will be unexpected surprises that will happen if you want to get married first without having to buy a house.

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3. If you wait for a house, you won’t get married soon

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5 Reasons You Don't Have a Home When You Get Married It's Not A Wrong Thingcouple illustration (

It was previously mentioned that your good intentions to get married will be difficult to realize. Sometimes, you must still have the idealism to immediately own a house before turning 30 years old. Things like this can be said to be very unlikely unless you are a child of a conglomerate.

The point here is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a house when you get married. After all, not everyone can wait and always keep his love. Departing from this, try to change your mindset in a direction that is easier to reach.

4. As long as you have good cash flow, your dream house will be realized

5 Reasons You Don't Have a Home When You Get Married It's Not A Wrong Thingillustration of buying a house ( Media)

Basically, you will still have a happy family even though you don’t have a home. Of course You still need money to support your small family. This is actually easy to realize if you have cash flow the good one. Even if your salary is still IDR 5 million, it will be easy to do.

Intent of cash flow here includes how much expenditure needs, savings, emergency funds, and desires. If all these things are done well, your little family will still be able to be happy, really. You can also start repaying your savings to buy a house in the future.

5. Remember that you are still quite young

5 Reasons You Don't Have a Home When You Get Married It's Not A Wrong Thingcouple illustration ( Krasnikova)

At this very young age, you have a light mind and a lot of energy. That way, your opportunity to get extra money to buy the house is very wide open. This can be taken into consideration not to hesitate to get married even though you don’t have a house.

After marriage, you still have the opportunity to find a better paying job. After that is done, then your chances of getting your dream home are still wide open. The most important thing is that you have to take advantage of privileges This is to achieve your little family’s dream later.

After reading the five things above, do you still want to keep targeting a house as a condition before getting married? Try to think again because everything you decide has a risk.

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