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5 Reasons Why You Often Feel Your Life Is Complicated

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We live in a world, where changes and disturbances are constantly happening. Ups and downs in life is no longer a secret. When you feel that the life you live is complicated, you will feel that everything is full of anxiety, distress and stress in everything you do. You become unable to live in peace.

When you feel that life is complicated, there must be a reason behind that feeling. The reasons could include the five things below. The good news is that if you can overcome these five obstacles, you will have a much better chance of living an uncomplicated life.

1. Your life only focuses on the complexity of the problem

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If you ask, is life complicated, then the answer is life is really simple, but you are the one who makes it complicated. When you are faced with too much information, or you are in a state of confusion about something, you will naturally focus on the complexity of the problem instead of looking for a simple solution.

When you give in to the complexity of the problem at hand, you focus too much on the complicated 10 percent and ignore the easy 90 percent. When you are faced with a situation that you feel is complicated and overwhelming, try to focus on simple solutions or strategies.

2. Constantly worrying

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As humans, we are emotional creatures. When we are stressed, angry, frustrated, or unhappy, our thoughts and emotions can have a significant influence on how we react and behave.

Constantly worrying about your problems and what lies ahead can drain your energy and cause physical and emotional stress in your life. The more you worry, the more complicated your life becomes.

Fortunately, there are many strategies that can help you calm a worried mind and relieve anxiety. You can do breathing exercises, meditate, do cardio, keep a journal, listen to music and talk to friends.

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3. Trying to control everything in life

5 Reasons That Explain Why You Often Feel Your Life Is Complicatedillustration of a sitting woman ( Danilyuk)

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We live in a complex world, and it is very difficult to find answers to the challenges we face in our lives. We all fear something, whether it’s the fear of failure, death, or the loss of a loved one. Struggling to have control over someone’s life is an attempt to bury your fears so you don’t have to face them.

If you are making decisions about your life from a place of control, then you have to stop. Struggling to have control in your life is a sign that you are living your life in fear.

You need to let go of your fears and learn to accept that there are things in life that are out of your control. Once you accept that life is about navigating your way through it rather than controlling it, you will find that your outlook on life will be more positive and less complicated.

4. Depending your happiness on the happiness of others

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Your life will always be complicated and difficult if you depend your happiness on other people in your life. Your happiness doesn’t come from other people, it comes from within yourself

If you rely on other people’s happiness to live your life, over time the problems of life will overwhelm you and you will lose your confidence. You will find that you are constantly trying to please other people and trying to make them happy. This is exhausting and detrimental to your happiness.

You need to take a breath, look inward, and then make a choice. Do you want to live your life respecting and believing in yourself as you deserve, or do you want to live your life based on other people’s happiness? You definitely know what to choose.

5. Meddling in other people’s dramas

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By getting into other people’s dramas, you are making your life more complicated than it needs to be. Drama and having toxic people in your life is a recipe for leading an emotionally exhausting and complicated life.

There are certain types of people who live their lives through drama and disaster. They choose to answer life’s challenges in an unproductive way. Stay away from them and if they come to you with their drama, take a breath and give yourself time to figure out the best way to manage the situation without falling into the trap of taking in their negative energy.

Being complicated is a difficult thing. Therefore, start dealing with your problems now. Don’t let it go because it will only make you more stressed.

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