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5 Preparations for a Beach Vacation and Things to Bring

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The sound of the waves crashing along with the stretch of sand and breezy wind is a beach atmosphere that makes us feel at home for long there. This is one of the fun tourist destinations that can be an option. On the beach we can not only see the beautiful open sea, but also can play in the sand, sunbathe, swim, play beach volleyball, and collect shells. However, before traveling to the beach, we need some preparation. Anything, huh? Check the posts below.

Things that need to be prepared for a vacation to the beach

  1. Pack the goods

Before we go to the beach, prepare a large or small bag according to the number of items to be carried. Accessories such as sunglasses, hats. As well as some additional items such as mats, umbrellas, cameras, toys for the beach, and so on. Also swimsuits and spare clothes whose materials are suitable for hot beach temperatures and windy beach weather.

Don’t leave your toiletries and medical supplies (for example, soap, wet tissue, shampoo, antiseptic). To treat sunburn or sunburn, prepare aloe vera gel.

And one more thing to remember, if there are items that we want to bring, but can also rent similar items on the beach, you should choose to rent it. The goal is that the luggage is not too much.

  1. Add drink

Hot beaches, make sweat will come out a lot. Excessive sweating results in dehydration and our body becomes weak. Vacation sluggish? Definitely not fun. To avoid dehydration, consume lots of water. And while on vacation to the beach, stock up on a few bottles of water. So fluids in the body can still be met.

  1. Sun protection

The scorching sun of the beach can cause sunburn. Burning skin when peeling will cause irritation. So protecting the skin from sun exposure is very important. You do this by applying a minimum sunblock with SPF 30 so that the skin is protected.

In addition to using sunblock, wear a hat as a head protector, sunglasses that can protect your eyes, if necessary, wear long sleeves when you want to walk around the beach.

  1. Prepare food

There are several beaches in Indonesia which are located quite far from shopping centers or mini markets, so food preparation is very necessary. Prepare snacks, fruit, if you like you can bring vegetables and cooking utensils. Later, we can process the food ingredients that we bring when we are at the beach or at the inn.

And the function of other cooking utensils is to process the fish we get. Imagine how happy it is to cook your own fishing rods with your family while on vacation at the beach.

  1. Safety

It is important to pay attention to safety when vacationing at the beach. Usually there are signs, for example: warning of high waves, maximum swimming limits, whether swimming is allowed or not, and so on. Please pay attention to dangerous animals that may be on the beach such as jellyfish, coral, and sea urchins. Don’t let us have an accident that can reduce the fun of having a vacation at the beach.

Items to bring when on vacation to the beach

  • Sunblocks ; Before we go on vacation to the beach, apply sun block first to protect our skin from exposure to the sun. Be careful if we forget to provide skin protection, when sunburned the skin will peel, scale, and even irritate.
  • Sandals ; Avoid wearing shoes especially high heels. Because when on vacation at the beach, the two shoes are very annoying and do not have a maximum function. Walking on the beach wearing shoes will make the sand get into it, the steps will be heavy, and less comfortable. Sandals are the most appropriate footwear when on vacation to the beach. Sandals make the steps light and the feet comfortable.
  • beach cloth; Beach cloth can be used as a sunbed, sitting mat, or can also be made into skirts and dresses.
  • Sunglasses ; Sunglasses are useful as eye protection from the hot sun. While at the beach, you will certainly feel more comfortable and comfortable walking around wearing sunglasses.
  • hair moisturizer; Conditioner or hair moisturizer is needed when we are on vacation to the beach. Shampoo with conditioner content is useful to keep hair moist so it avoids damage. Remember, yes! Beaches with hot and windy weather make hair break, fall out, and break.
  • Camera ; Wherever you go on vacation, this one thing must be brought. Including when on vacation at the beach. We can capture every moment that passes during the holidays. This can be an unforgettable memory.
  • Water ; Mineral water or plain water needs to be brought when going to the beach. Hot beaches make the body lose fluids quickly so that it can result in dehydration.
  • Play equipment; Many interesting activities that we can do on the beach. Not only looking at the blue ocean, we can also play sand, look for shells, play volleyball, even swim and fish. Therefore, playing equipment (eg sand shovel, ball) is important to bring.
  • Diving or swimming equipment; For those who like to peek at the underwater beauty, it is better to bring diving equipment or if you are unable to dive, you can still enjoy the beauty of the underwater by snorkeling. Don’t have diving gear? Do not worry! We can rent, really. Because many rentals provide a variety of equipment for diving. If you want to swim, please be careful and obey the signs. Don’t forget to prepare swimming equipment.
  • bag ; To bring all the holiday supplies, also provide a bag with a size that is adjusted to the number of items to be carried.

The Need for a Beach Vacation for Women

In addition to the equipment mentioned above, there are several other items that are important for women to bring while on vacation to the beach, including:

  1. Beauty equipment

Even in the middle of the holidays, women can not be separated from the makeup. Minimalist make-up is suitable for holidays and relaxing time with family. Never let a dull face without makeup, especially when we are on vacation.

A beautiful and fresh face will give a positive and pleasant aura. Keeping the lips moist by using a special lip moisturizer, it is also necessary to do so that the lips look fresh and not dry.

  1. Mukena

Mukena or worship equipment needs to be brought for Muslim women. This will make it easier for us when we will perform the prayer service. Usually, prayer equipment/mukena is also provided in the nearest prayer room, but sometimes it’s uncomfortable to have to take turns wearing mukena or have to queue up for mukena. So it’s better to bring your own.

  1. Skirt

Beach skirts that have light materials are perfect for the beach atmosphere. You can also wear shorts, leggings below the knee combined with a beach skirt strap on the outside, very fitting to be worn in a happy holiday atmosphere with family.

  1. Wet tissue

One of the benefits of wet tissue is to remove make-up/cosmetic that has faded due to sweat on the face. So it is necessary to provide sufficient wet tissue.

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