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5 of the craziest festivals in the history of human civilization

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The world has experienced a process of human civilization that alternates and changes according to its era. Of course, the process includes the development of ideologies, beliefs to diverse cultures and cultures. Each gave birth to a feast that is preserved by humans.

nowOne of the ways humans celebrate these big days is through festivals that have their own characteristics. However, did you know? Some festivals in this world are actually quite unique and strange. Anything, yes?

1. Nero’s Party

5 of the craziest festivals in the history of human

In the history of the Roman empire, Nero is known as an emperor who never heeded the welfare of society. No half-hearted, Emperor Nero requires every woman to be a virgin by him as a form of respect.

From there, Nero’s party developed as an erotic party that required every Roman citizen in that era to take part in an erotic party. However, every woman who is still a virgin is only reserved for the Emperor before going through the process of marriage and others.

2. Beltane Festival

5 of the craziest festivals in the history of human

The Vikings are an ethnic group that developed in Scandinavia, with people who tend to be hardworking and have harmonious relationships. However, their relationship with each other unfortunately crossed a certain line.

In a celebration called the Beltane Festival, the Vikings at that time tended to gather and build a giant bonfire to dance around it. Then at the climax of the event, the hunters can choose their partner to have sex by the bonfire.

3. Bacchanalia Festival

5 of the craziest festivals in the history of human

In its heyday, ancient Babylonia had a tradition known as the Feast of Bacchanalia. This feast is part of a special commemoration and homage to Lord Tammuz, who is trusted by the whole community.

However, who would have thought that the celebration of the Bacchanalia Party includes the activities of changing partners and having sexual relations in congregation. No half-hearted, everyone is free to choose the partner they want without restrictions.

4. Gerewol Festival

5 of the craziest festivals in the history of human

You must be familiar with the Nigerian country in West Africa. However, are you familiar enough with the Wodaabe Tribe from that country? He is a fairly old tribe and is known for often holding the Gerewol Festival.

The Gerewol Festival is an annual tradition that requires every man to dance in front of the women with special makeup and costumes. Then, attracted women will automatically become their wives even though they are already other people’s wives.

5. Pidakala War Festival

5 of the craziest festivals in the history of human

India is known as a country that is rich in cultural and cultural diversity, as well as traditions that are quite unique. One of them is the community tradition of holding an annual festival called Pidakala War or Pidakala War.

As the name implies, this festival is marked by the action of ‘war.’ However, the war in question is the activity of throwing cow dung at each other. Launching from Unilad, this method is believed to be a sign that is able to bring prosperity and health.

So, which festival is the one that amazes you the most? How come yes, some groups of people in that era held the above festivals? Or rather, you have another opinion?

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