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5 Most Mysterious Places in the World Full of Mystical Stories : Okezone Travel

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WORLD indeed full of things mysterious and beautiful. This invites a lot of curiosity for people who know it. From that curiosity, not a few travelers are desperate to visit there even though they know there are many risks that can be experienced.

Reported MNC Portal from page Times of IndiaTuesday (1/3/2022), here are the 5 most mysterious places in the world.

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Bermuda Triangle

The endless story of this destination has been doing the rounds for a long time. This is known as the place where ships, people, and planes disappear in midair.


Bhangarh . Fort

This place is so spooky that the Archaeological Survey of India has banned entry after sunset, until sunrise. Horror stories abound in this mysterious place in India.

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Crooked Forest

This forest in Poland will surprise you with all the crooked trees. The oddly shaped pine trees certainly make one wonder what is up with the trees here.

Bran Castle

The mystery of this castle is connected with the story of Dracula. This castle is located in the middle of the beautiful forest of Transylvania, Romania and has an eerie feel attached to it.

Banff Springs Hotel

There are stories about ghosts and rooms where a family was murdered at the Banff Springs Hotel, Canada. It looks like a great place for a vacation, but at what cost?


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