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5 Main Reasons Someone Decides To Be Freelancer

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In this digital age, there are many types of work that can be done. One of them is as a freelancer. This kind of freelance work that is not tied to a particular time and place is in high demand these days.

There are various reasons that make someone prefer to pursue a job as a freelancer than office workers. Five of them are as follows.

1. Flexible working hours

illustration of work from home ( Shuraeva)

Flexible working time is one of the reasons most frequently cited by freelancer. Because a freelancer most of them are greatly helped by working hours that can be adjusted according to their own abilities.

With no time bound, freelancer be free to do other things outside of the job. For example, for a housewife who also has to take care of her husband and children or a student who still has to do college assignments.

2. Income in accordance with the work done

5 Main Reasons Someone Decides To Be a Freelancer, Which Are You?illustration of counting money ( Grabowska)

Freelancer usually get paid according to the work done. So, there is no feeling of unfairness or excessive fatigue, because they themselves determine their ability to carry out certain jobs.

You can’t complain about the income you get because everything has been agreed in advance based on your own performance. So that in doing the work, the heart is not burdened and actually feels happy.

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3. Not bound by the strict rules of certain companies

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5 Main Reasons Someone Decides To Be a Freelancer, Which Are You?office employee illustration ( Research)

The absence of strict rules by certain companies is also the reason some people become freelancer. There are no rules for working hours, penalties for being late, even regarding the dress code.

Freelancer indeed have freedom in the above matters. Except maybe for some work freelance which includes certain rules. However, there are no strict rules when working in an office.

4. Can be done anywhere

5 Main Reasons Someone Decides To Be a Freelancer, Which Are You?illustration of people working ( Piacquadio)

A workplace that doesn’t work that way is also an advantage freelancer, here. They are free to choose whether they want to work at home, in cafes, restaurants, and others as long as there is internet access and adequate electricity. Because most of the work freelancer it only requires these two things.

This changing workplace makes them feel happier at work. Boredom and boredom will be more easily overcome.

5. Minimize drama and don’t have to meet a lot of people

5 Main Reasons Someone Decides To Be a Freelancer, Which Are You?rest illustration ( Katt)

Working in an office certainly requires us to meet a lot of people and interact with them. Some drama disputes will usually occur and cannot be avoided.

It’s different if we are freelancer. Profession freelancer does not require them to meet with many people. Communication is usually only done via email chatemail, or phone call.

Of the five reasons above, it is very natural that many people actually feel comfortable working as a freelancer. However, it all comes back to each individual. What’s your own reason?

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