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5 Look for Jennie’s Oversized Shirt Styling

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If you’re a fan of the clean look, you can try combining an oversized shirt with fabric straight pants for a more formal look and jeans for a more casual look. If you like a clean look, you can tuck your shirt into your pants. However, if you like a more boyish look, you can take out your oversized shirt.

Oversized shirt as outer

The use of an oversized shirt can be used as an outer that can be combined with a square tanktop or a shirt with trousers. If you like cold weather, you can combine an oversized shirt with a square tanktop and shorts. This combination is a classic combination but does not fail to create an interesting impression.

Oversized shirt with turtle neck

This look is perfect for cold weather or at night. The key to this look is to combine culottes with a turtle neck and an oversized shirt tucked into the culottes. You can open the top two buttons of your shirt and add additional accessories such as necklaces.

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Written by: Cantika Indah Santosa

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