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5 K-Pop Idols Who Announce Not Renewing Agency Contracts

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February this year has been a surprising month for KPopers. Since the beginning of the month, fans got to hear the unexpected news from idol favorite group.

News about the exclusive contract of para idol became one of the news that was able to make fans give various responses. Some support their idol to leave the agency while others find it difficult to accept if their idol chooses a different path.

Nonetheless, the five idol below has announced that he is not renewing his contract with the agency since February 2022 and is choosing a different path than the one he usually takes.

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1. Denise

5 K-Pop Idols Who Announced Not Renewing Agency Contracts Since FebruaryDenise (

On February 5, Denise announced a message via her personal Instagram that her contract with Vine Entertainment had ended on February 1, 2022. The expiration of this contract also marked her official departure from SECRET NUMBER.

In the message, Denise apologized to LOCKEY (SECRET NUMBER fans) for suddenly announcing the shocking news. Don’t forget to thank him for all the support he has received over the past year. Even though he doesn’t join SECRET NUMBER anymore, he hopes that LOCKEY will continue to support all activities carried out by the group that made his name.

Denise debuted since May 2020. She participated in two single album that is Who Dis? and Got That Boom before finally leaving the SECRET NUMBER.


5 K-Pop Idols Who Announced Not Renewing Agency Contracts Since FebruaryTOP BIGBANG (

In the first week of February, surprising news also came from YG Entertainment. In addition to reporting on the plan to release BIGBANG’s new song, the agency also announced that TOP’s contract has ended and he has officially left YG Entertainment since February 7, 2022.

Surprisingly enough, YG Entertainment confirmed that this decision would not change the formation of the BIGBANG group. TOP will continue to participate in various BIGBANG activities even though he is no longer in the same agency as the other members.

TOP debuted under YG Entertainment in August 2006. For the past 16 years, he was active with BIGBANG until they became a group that many idolized. idol from other groups.

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5 K-Pop Idols Who Announced Not Renewing Agency Contracts Since FebruaryJR NU’EST (

At the end of February, Pledis Entertainment announced shocking news regarding NU’EST’s latest news. Exclusive contract boy group The first formation of this agency is known to end on March 14. Baekho and Minhyun renewed the contract while the other three members, namely JR, REN and Aron, decided to leave the agency.

After the announcement was released, the five NU’EST members through the Weverse application shared theirpost handwritten letters about their decision to separate. In his letter, JR especially expressed his gratitude to LOΛ.E (NU’EST fans) who have always supported until now. For the past 13 years, starting from trainee until he debuted with NU’EST, JR felt grateful to spend his youth to adulthood with his groupmates and fans.

JR is trainee the first male to start training at Pledis Entertainment. After three years of living trainees, he debuted as leader NU’EST for 10 years.

4. Aron NU’EST

5 K-Pop Idols Who Announced Not Renewing Agency Contracts Since FebruaryAron NU’EST (

Just like JR, Aron also expressed his gratitude to LOΛ.E who has faithfully accompanied NU’EST. The difficult times faced by the member during the debut, was overcome thanks to the fans’ support.

The various moments that have been passed over the past 10 years have become unforgettable memories for him. Aron also added, even though they have chosen their own paths, he hopes that fans will continue to support the next activities that will be taken by them.

Aron is the only NU’EST member from abroad. He passed the Pledis audition in 2011 while still living in America. Passing time trainee for almost a year, Aron then debuted with NU’EST.


5 K-Pop Idols Who Announced Not Renewing Agency Contracts Since FebruaryREN NU’EST (

Following JR and Aron, REN also posted his letter on the Weverse App. He apologized to fans who had been waiting for news of the contract extension but instead heard the opposite.

In the letter, REN also recalled the difficult times he faced during his childhood trainee and the roles of the other members so that he was able to survive and debut together. After debut, the support from LOΛ.E also became an encouragement for him while living his day as a idols. At the end of the letter, REN thanked the fans who have faithfully shared fun moments with NU’EST for the past 10 years.

REN joined Pledis Entertainment after passing an audition at the age of 16. He underwent a trainee period for almost two years before finally debuting as a NU’EST vocalist.

Ending something that has been going on for a long time is certainly quite difficult to do and will cause a lot of responses from fans. Even though they have chosen their respective paths, I wish them more success in their careers!

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