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5 Interesting Things About Forecasting Love and Weather

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The latest Korean series Forecasting Love and Weather starring Park Min Young and Song Kang Coming soon to Netflix on February 12, 2022

Showing the perspectives of people who work in the field of weather forecasting, this romantic comedy tells of the complexities of love that can be as confusing as the weather.

There are some interesting things about this series, some of which are below!

Story inspiration

Photo credit: Netflix

Forecasting Love and Weather heralds his return Cha Young Hun to the director’s chair after releasing the Grand Prize-winning drama at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards, When the Camellia Blooms. The director also explained the long journey of making this new series idea.

“Writer Sun Young requires two years of research, you could say staying at the Korea Meteorological Agency for eight months, and working overtime with them for two months to capture the atmosphere there,” said Director Cha.

“When I spoke to him, we saw that there were similarities between the weather and human life. We can never predict what will happen in life, neither can the weather.
Sometimes predictions can be wrong, but we don’t give up. I think this is what makes Forecasting Love and Weather interesting.”

Romance at the Korea Meteorological Agency

Sun Young

Photo credit: Netflix

Set at the Korea Meteorological Agency, Forecasting Love and Weather is the first Korean drama to highlight weather forecasts as a premise. “We will take a peek at the lives of employees at the Korea Meteorological Agency, including how they understand each other and grow together,” said director Cha Young Hun.

Placing romance in the midst of the busy weather service is also a challenge for this drama. “The characters always have to show emotion, but this is a difficult thing because they actually work 12 hour shifts, hold meetings about five to six times, and have to
Pay attention to satellite images that change every five to ten minutes. Finding a balance between professionalism and love is the challenge.”

Praise to the ‘Queen of Romantic Comedy’


Photo credit: Netflix

Famous for her roles in When the Weather Is Fine, Her Private Life, and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, it’s no wonder that Park Min Young got the nickname ‘Queen of Romantic Comedy’. Praise was also given from his co-star Song Kang who plays Lee Si-woo’s character, “I’ve seen him on TV for a long time, so I was a bit nervous to meet him. In my opinion, Min Young is very
experienced, conscientious, and he often asks for my opinion. I appreciate his attitude because we can learn and think together.”

Director Cha also commented, “Min Young is the Queen of Romantic Comedies, so Si-woo and I learned a lot from Min-young, especially for romantic scenes. If there’s a scene where Si-woo doesn’t sound right, Min Young will come over and demonstrate how best to do it. We’re just following along.”

Challenge for players


Photo credit: Netflix

Uplifting the lives of workers in the weather service, actress Park Min Young admitted that he had doubts about his decision to take on the role of Jin Ha-kyung.
“I was wondering if this was the wrong decision because everything feels new. If this is a medical or legal drama, I can learn the terminology from other series. But since it’s about the weather service, I have no idea at all.
I have to learn from watching a lot of documentaries. I am proud to have made it through.” Actor Song Kang also shared a similar opinion, adding, “It is very difficult to get used to the terminology in this series. So I watched various weather documentaries and noticed that they had difficulty pronouncing the terminology. I think
It’s only natural that I’m having a hard time too.”

Correlation of characters and weather

Photo credit: Netflix

Forecasting Love and Weather is ready to show various interesting characters with different personalities. The players also tried to describe their characters by relating them to the weather. Park Min Young likened Ha-kyung to “a cold November”, while Song Kang chose “hot rain that falls when the sun shines” for Lee Si-woo. Actress Yura who plays Chae Yu-jin explained that “she is like the weather that looks cloudy from the window, but turns out to be hotter when she comes out”.

Actor Yoon Bak himself has a unique description of his character, “Han Ki-jun is a person who is so consistent that it cannot be compared to the weather. He’s not suited to the usually unpredictable weather.”

Look out for the premiere of Forecasting Love and Weather on February 12, streaming every Saturday and Sunday on Netflix.

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