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5 Interesting Stories Behind Korean Artists Into Acting

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In building a career as an actor or actress, of course there are interesting stories that happen behind it. Each actor and actress has a different story about how they were discovered and finally entered the world of acting.

From being praised by an ex-girlfriend to being afraid of being kidnapped, the following are a series of interesting stories behind Korean artists who plunged into the world of acting. Scroll down right now!

1. Choi Woo Shik

5 Interesting Stories Behind Korean Artists Who Plunge into the World of ActingChoi Woo Shik (

Similar to the character in Our Loved Summer, it turns out that Choi Woo Sik prefers work behind the scenes, you know. Therefore, he actually wanted to major in film which focused on directing while in college.

Until finally she changed her mind when her ex-boyfriend revealed that men who have monolid eyes (without creases) like her are very popular in Korea, like Rain and Lee Jun Ki. Receiving such praise, Choi Woo Shik thought twice and decided to try acting first before studying to become a director.

Not only that, Choi Woo Shik’s ex-girlfriend also helped a guy born in 1990 to audition online. If it wasn’t for the encouragement of his ex-girlfriend, of course there would not be actor Choi Woo Shik that we often see in the world of South Korean cinema and drama.

2. Shin Hye Sun

5 Interesting Stories Behind Korean Artists Who Plunge into the World of ActingShin Hye Sun (

Shin Hye Sun’s reason for starting acting is quite simple, namely because of actor Won Bin. Woman starring Mr. Queen (2021) revealed that he was fascinated by Won Bin and really wanted to meet him. Therefore, she decided to become an actress.

Reported soompiin an event Happy Together which was broadcast on KBS in 2016, Shin Hye Sun can’t even hide her feelings fangirl-his. “Every time I see Won Bin sunbaenim on TV, my heart was pounding so hard I couldn’t watch it. Even I can’t even go to the cinema to watch The Man From Nowhere when the film was released.”

Because of Won Bin, Shin Hye Sun’s passion for acting is getting bigger. While in high school, the 32-year-old woman chose to focus on acting and then applied to various auditions during college. Although at first Shin Hye Sun faced difficulties because she didn’t get an audition call, she didn’t just give up.

Until finally the opportunity came when Shin Hye Sun passed the audition as a supporting actor for the drama School 2013 (2012). She officially debuted as an actress and has achieved much success. Now, Shin Hye Sun often gets roles as the main character and continues to impress the audience for her stunning acting talent.

3. Song Kang

5 Interesting Stories Behind Korean Artists Who Plunge into the World of ActingSong Kang (doc. JTBC/Nevertheless)

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Song Kang became one of the most prominent actors in their 20s today thanks to his acting and chemistry who amaze with his co-stars. Many say that Song Kang was born to be a celebrity because of his visuals.

Although he has many advantages to being a celebrity, at first Song Kang did not dream of becoming an actor, you know. Reported Naverthe interesting story he revealed in a interview for Netflix series promotion Love Alarm. After graduating from high school, the guy who is now Park Min Young’s opposite tells that he still doesn’t know what to do, then he watches a movie. Titanic (1997) and fascinated by Leonardo DiCaprio, Song Kang has been interested in acting ever since.

After establishing the direction of his life, Song Kang prepared for the entrance examination to Konkuk University’s Department of Visual and Film Studies and he passed. Now, Song Kang is one of the most promising KDrama actors with his nickname as Netflix’s golden child.

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4. Lee Se Young

5 Interesting Stories Behind Korean Artists Who Plunge into the World of ActingLee Se Young (

Lee Se Young has the most interesting story about how she became an actress. He has a lot of experience in acting because he debuted as a child star at a very young age.

The reason why the woman who starred The Red Sleeve (2021) started appearing on the small screen when he was a child due to his parents’ fears that Lee Se Young would be kidnapped because of his charming visuals. If their daughter becomes a celebrity, surely all of Korea will see Lee Se Young’s face and bad things will be avoided because the whole country will know her.

The reason is quite unique, isn’t it? But seeing Lee Se Young’s charming visual since she was a child, it’s not hard to understand why the 1992-born woman’s parents were worried about her safety.

Thanks to this decision, Lee Se Young began to fall in love with the world of acting. Recently, Lee Se Young even achieved great success thanks to her role in dramas The Red Sleeve with Lee Jun Ho. Have you watched it yet?

5. Jang Dong Yoon

5 Interesting Stories Behind Korean Artists Who Plunge into the World of ActingJang Dong Yoon (

The story of Jang Dong Yoon who became an actor is practically as unique as Lee Se Young’s. His career change in becoming an actor was completely unexpected. Starring Man The Tale of Nokdu (2019) it’s not even studying acting or doing anything art related. Instead, he just learned about finances and became an ordinary person.

Until one day, his life changed 180 degrees after he experienced an incident. At that time, Jang Dong Yoon was walking with his friend when he saw a robber with a sharp weapon threatening a convenience store clerk. He did not hesitate to help catch the robber. Thanks to his bravery, he received an award from the police and appeared on the small screen in an interview.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that his appearance is eye-catching in the interview caught the attention of an agency. Jang Dong Yoon’s life takes an unexpected turn when he joins the entertainment industry by becoming an actor.

Having played various characters in the world of acting, it turns out that there is a pretty interesting story behind the debut of the five artists above. Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

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